War of the Psychopaths
Date 2175-2183
Location Vasari Empire, Demarchy, Misgard, Space
Result Decisive Demarchy victory.

Offensive: Vasari Empire

Defensive: Demarchy, Misgard

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:

Pen Par

Defense Leaders:

Rache Glock, Luimnigh


Offensive: Unknown. At least 500,000 combat androids were used.

Defensive: 2.5 million active combat personnel, 10 million reservists.

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: All troops.

Civilian Casualties: All civilians.

Military Casualties: Unknown.

Civilian Casualties: None, but not for lack of trying.

The War of the Psychopaths was a war in Nation Creation 35 in which Pen Par and Quill fought due to a period of built-up tensions. The war ended with Pen Par quitting.


It was no secret that Pen Par and Quill had been at odds. The two had never liked each other and Pen Par once planned to spearhead a coalition to destroy Quill. However, tensions had been escalating. Pen had gone out of his way to block Quill's expansion into Europe, and Pen had been deeply distraught by Quill. The matter almost convinced Pen to nuke the entire world earlier, and Pen later said that Quill's actions made him feel inferior.



However, the tensions had built to a fever pitch. Pen was even more disturbed by actions on Nation Creation than normal and had called for an investigation into space expansion rates and considered quitting. What set Pen over the edge was a business deal between Quill and Olaf, another player. In a lopsided deal, Olaf transferred Greenland to Quill in exchange for production rights to RMG equipment. Pen suspected that Olaf had been coerced into signing the deal and decided that he was going to destroy the Demarchy for the sake of Nation Creation.

Early GameEdit

Initial OffensiveEdit

Pen Par began the attack with missile strikes on Greenland radar stations and the Demarchy base in Finland. He next launched DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against Demarchy aircraft and missile defensive systems. Next, he sent his entire navy to snipe the Demarchy navy from outside the range of the Demarchy ships. Destroyers and frigates were targeted, and the Vasari carriers sent their fighters out to attack. AWACS and EW aircraft were sent among the carriers and aircraft.

As the game was already in the space stage, Pen Par decided to also get a division of his space army, called his Dark Fleet, involved. 55 frigates, 1 carrier, 10 shield ships, 45 corvettes, 20 cruisers and 2 heavy battle cruisers were stationed over Greenland to prevent interference from the Demarchy space troops. The rest of his space army, the Dark Armada, was prepared to go over Greenland in little notice.

After this, Pen Par got his bases in the Middle Eastern Kingdoms, which was near the Demarchy, ready to make a move. Defenses against aircraft and missiles were manned, and had cover from spacecraft. Interceptors also patrolled airspace, although the exact parts of airspace were never specified.


Symbols for various WMD's.

Pen Par stated that his only objective was the "liberation" of Greenland and removing a threat to European stability. He also vowed not to use weapons of mass destruction unless the Demarchy used theirs first. Lastly, he stated that Quill would not be able to defend, due to the fact that Greenland did not have adequate defenses at the time of the transaction and the transaction was too recent for more defenses to be made.

Quill, on the other hand, swore that the war would end in Berlin. Pen Par countered, saying that it would end in Cairo because Quill expanded into Pen's territory. Quill, frustrated, justified himself by saying that Greenland was not in Europe. Pen, equally frustrated, justified himself by saying that Greenland could be used to disrupt European trade routes. He proceeded to build camps for victims of potential Demarchy biological and chemical warfare.

123 then interjected on the inherent uselessness of Greenland, saying that Iceland would be more useful. He then amused himself by envisioning Pen exporting ice.


Quill ordered his troops in Greenland to retreat to Nuuk and set all of his other military bases in Greenland to detonate. After saying that any attack on the mainland Demarchy would result in a massive attack.

Quill next shut down Vasari access to the Sahara Solar Power Grid, which Quill believed Pen relied on, and activate Skynet. Skynet was a massive network of jammer satellites that crippled Vasari communications. He also threatened to destroy any Vasari ships using the Strait of Gibraltar or the Straits of Suez. Later, his order was changed to just military ships.

After his troops arrived at Nuuk, they were ordered to hold their ground with support from Demarchy electronic warfare to counteract that of the Vasari Empire and support of Demarchy ships to go after any missiles which might be sent to the troops stationed at Nuuk.

A missile.

They also had support of the Demarchy cyberwarfare units and a weather control device planted in Nuuk.

Quill ordered his spacecraft to launch orbital bombardment strikes on the German fleet and used his railguns to outrange the navy of the Vasari Empire. In addition, he used his submarines to attack the Vasari navy.

Quill next ordered a massive counterattack. Realizing that the entire Vasari navy was out at Greenland, he used this opportunity to raid the Vasari Empire itself. Planes from the Demarchy carriers operating from bases in Pro-NAR Finland attacked the entire Vasari coastline, which included a good deal of Europe. The attacks targeted air defenses, airplanes, military factories, power plants, military facilities and the navy. Electronic warfare was utilized heavily. Aircraft in particular were under fire.

He next attacked the Dark Armada by using orbital missiles, satellites, massive rail guns and electromagnetic pulses. THEL's satellites and missiles targeted the shipyards and satellites of the Dark Armada. He had all space vessels in the solar system group at Mars and then attack any Dark Armada craft they saw.

Long-range fighters were sent to engage the interceptors and Quill mobilized his own navy to fight Pen's.

Counter CounterattackEdit

Pen Par began his retaliation to Quill's move by pushing for foreign aid, citing attacks on foreign citizens who were on the Vasari ships. He requested aid from the United States, Russia, China, Poland and the United Nations. (Poland was suspected to be an emerging power at the time.) He claimed that there were at least 350 deaths of just United States citizens.

Next, he remarked that the shutdown of the Sahara Solar Power Grid would have been useless because he created alternative power sources due to the bad blood between the two of them.

Space war collab by krzyzowiec-d3kubnm

A battle in space.

Pen proceeded to have units from his Dark Armada act as messengers to all of his other Dark Armada craft, ordering them to regroup at central points and fight off the Demarchy from there. (All but short-range communications were disabled due to Skynet.) He then ordered the use of cyber warfare and had his Particle Cannon attack the Demarchy navy while a small portion of the Dark Fleet went after the kinetic and orbital bombardment satellites. Then, anti-submarine helicopters, escorted by fighters and interceptors, were dispatched to deal with the Demarchy submarines.

Pen then turned his attention towards the attack on his mainland. The Particle Cannon was ordered to prioritze the naval fleets near Germany and Denmark. Rail gun defences in the area was also instructed to attack the attacking navy. Scatter missiles were fired at the Demarchy aircraft, and the Vasari squadrons, with electronic warfare and AWACS support, were to attack the remaining aircraft. THEL's were ordered to take out the Demarchy missiles. Pen then ordered the use of SEAD weaponry to assist in the strikes on the Demarchy aircraft attacking Germany, showing that he did not know what SEAD meant.

Pen moved onto the deal with space. His space carriers launched their spacecraft, which were told to take out the dispersed Demarchy space defensive structures. Frigates manned by androids were ordered to crash headlong into such structures. Fleets over Earth fired lasers at the anti-satellite missiles that the Demarchy fired and used shields to intercept the Demarchy lasers. They then went after the Demarchy anti-satelite missile and THEL stations. THEL's and anti-satellite missiles were told to go after Demarchy satellites and shipyards. Pen next ordered his spacecraft first to target the Demarchy gunboats and then go after their warships. (The gunboats were highly long-range vehicles.)

The Vasari Empire had missiles fired at the Demarchy airbases while continuing to have THEL's attack the enemy missiles. The Demarchy fleets in the Baltic were given second priority for the Particle Cannon, right behind the ones directly going after Germany. The gunboats outside Mercury were focused on, and then Pen Par began to expand his initial attack.

Light Fighter Android

A combat android.

He had 250,000 androids fall into Greenland from space. 100,000 were to occupy Greenland, while 150,000 were to take out the facilities at Nuuk. Then, a Dark Fleet was ordered to attack Mars and strike the Suez Canal, Aswam Dam and military bases in Egypt once Mars fell.

Meanwhile, the Dark Fleet over the planet of New Germany was sent to attack any Demarchy spacecraft in the area, first going after the gunboats and then dealing with the rest of them. The Dark Armada that was not otherwise engaged was to then infiltrate Egyptian solar systems and destroy any shipyards to be found there. Simultaneously, Skynet was to be destroyed by anti-satellite missiles and THEL's.

Stealth bombers were secretly sent to go after the Sahara Solar Power Grid. If spotted, electronic warfare, AWACS and fighter craft were to assist the bombers.

Next, Pen targeted the Canary Islands. He sent fighters escorted by AWACS and electronic warfare craft to first destroy the defenses while 50,000 battle androids were dropped onto the island from space. The droids were to secure the islands and then wait for air support.

An evacuation of major cities in the Vasari Empire on Earth through a secret tunnel network was ordered. Pen then ordered his Dark Fleet over Earth to drop 50,000 droids each into eight lands that Quill controlled, making for a total of 400,000 droids dropped. They were assigned to secure the area with electronic warfare support from spaceships. The Dark Fleet was also to attack any high-value targets in the Demarchy.

Pen Par ended his massive attack by again requesting foreign aid and saying that he would accept a Demarchy surrender if they returned Greenland to Canada and ceded the Canary Islands, the Ivory Coast and Mauritania to the Vasari Empire.


Some Civil ConversationEdit

Within twenty minutes of Pen posting his attack, Quill condemned the entire thing as god-modding and said that he would not post his counter until the war thus far had ben moderated. Pen Par retorted by questioning whether Quill knew what god-modding was, stating that his estimation of the deaths of American citizens was accurate, and that his space military was stronger than Quill's, as he put more effort into his space military than Quill did.


Pen and Quill had a lot of them.

Quill maintained that Pen was in fact not more technologically advanced, and said that his god-modding was the inherent assumption that Pen sustained no casualties, while Quill sustained a massive number of losses. Quill further said there were no casualties due to his attacks in the Suez Canal and Straits of Gibraltar due to the fact that they had been closed to all Vasari ships for years.

Pen countered by saying that the war was voided, so the closure of the canal to Vasari ships should also have been voided. Further, he said that Quill's order could have resulted in attacks on non-German ships. He proceeded to adamantly deny that god-modding ever took place, as he never stated anything about either side's casualties.

Quill denied that he fired on non-German ships, maintained that Pen was still godmodding and asked for proof that Pen ever created his own power plants. Pen said that they were constructed some time in NC31, but that he could not be bothered to get any more specifics. He then claimed that assuming that he was reliant on the Sahara Solar Power Grid was godmodding. He closed by asking for the war to be moderated.

Doubling Down on the AttacksEdit

Empire of Time Army

A droid army.

After the argument settled down, Luimnigh stated that he would assist Quill in the war unless Pen "stopped." Pen instead said that he would not stop but instead fight to the death. He said that he had 4,500,000 droids at the ready, and was capable of producing 2,000,000 droids a year. He also claimed that all of his droids survived the attack on Nuuk and were awaiting orders. He also said that 450,000 humans were at southern Denmark and were awaiting orders. He also separated his spacecraft near Greenland into two groups, one of which went to Denmark. He then said that fortifications were being constructed in Denmark.

Then, Pen began his actual attack on Sweden, in an attempt to prevent Sweden from entering the war. It should be noted that he initlally said he was not declaring war. Cruise missiles were launched at Swedish military bases and Swedish power supplies were shut down. Aircraft escorted by the now familiar electronic warfare and AWACS attacked Swedish THEL sites. A similar group of aircraft was instructed to attack the Swedish navy.

Luimnigh countered by sending out his own airplanes and firing missiles at the spacecraft, invading droids and the bridges into Finland.

Pen was then told that firing the cruise missiles would be a declaration of war, so he chnaged it. He was then informed that he had attacked Sweden while Luimnigh was in Finland, so he changed his attacks to Finland.

Pen then continued his attacks. He fired a scatter missile at the Finnish troops and sent even more airplanes up. Luim responded by firing anti-missile missiles at the scatter missile. The two then argued over how Pen's forces got into Finland in the first place. Wane, frustrated, voiding everything after Luimnigh's initial defense until the war was formally moderated. Margerald then called them all idiots.

Moderation... At LastEdit

At this point, moderation of the war finally began.

Some days, the moderators just rain on your parade.

The moderator, Rpvictor, began with the initial assault into Greenland. The cyber-attacks failed, because DDoS attacks were simple to defend against, so the Demarchy defenses were online. The Vasari Empire's naval strategy also was a terrible failure. Their strategy was dependent on outranging the Demarchy ships, but the two navies had comparable ranges.

The Vasari Empire did succeed ine stablishing electronic warfare, securing their particle cannons, establishing quarantine camps and preparing their troops in the Middle Eastern Kingdoms, but other aspects of their strategy failed. The aircraft that they were needlessly wasting was consuming large amounts of fuel, and some of the technology that they relied on had not yet been created.

With this done, attention was turned towards Quill's counterattack. The retreat to Nuuk and destruction of military bases was largely successful, but the cutting off of Germany from the Sahara Solar Power Grid was not successful, as it was decided that the Vasari Empire had cut themselves off from the grid.

The Demarch's shining move, was the use of Skynet, which effectively killed all Vasari communications in the solar system, but there were several moves that were not as good. A large portion of the Demarchy response to the Vasari Empire was oriented on taking out the ground troops in Greenland, but those efforts were launched before there were ground troops. However, the Demarchy was winning the naval battle due to use of kinetic bombardment, submarines and electronic warfare.

The Demarchy made headway in their attack on the mainland Vasari Empire, being especially successful in their cruise missile strikes. They were also able to defend Finland.


What Pen Par almost was.

With this done, the focus turned back towards Pen once more. All of Pen's moves with his army in the main solar system were blocked due to the Skynet system. Ironically, Pen did very little to combat the Skynet system. Pen's moves outside of the solar system were completely dependent on his spaceships having superior range to the Demarchy ones, when in fact, the opposite was true. As a result, his space fleet was decimated. Other failed moves of the Vasari Empire included the use of stealth craft, use of an incomplete tunnel network for a mass evacuation and the use of over seven million droids.

The Vasari Empire was bankrupting itself, and it was losing both the wars on Earth and in space.

Mid GameEdit

Egypt's OffensiveEdit

Knowing that he was now winning the war, Quill decided to put the pressure on the Vasari Empire. First, he had his long-range spaceships take out any remaining naval vessels or satellites belonging to the Vasari Empire. Electronic warafre, cyber warfare, orbital bombardment, aircraft, missiles and bombs wer used to take out any high-value targets in Vasari land. Escorted Demarchy fighters went after Vasari runways, aircraft and power stations.

An amphibious landing was organized on the Baltic Sea, involving a total of 200,000 men each at Kiel and Oostende. One group of 200,000 was to conquer Belgium and have three-fourths of the survivors attack the Netherlands while the remaining fourth went after Luxembourg. The others were to conquer West Germany and then divide evenly into attacking Denmark and Switzerland.

Canada, under Olaf, took the opportunity to request the Demarchy to move for peace. The Demarchy, however, claimed that the war was justified to the aggression of the Vasari Empire.
Peace finga

Peace? Yeah, right.

Germany's DefensiveEdit

Pen Par's first move was to question the previous moderation. For instance, he started by asking how jamming had anything to do with electronic warfare. Pen also maintained that his underground tunnel network was complete and his spacecraft had longer range, solely because he used lasers. He also questioned why it was bad for him to have over 7,000,000 droids, with 2,000,000 being produced annually.

For his actual counter, he first had all of his spacecraft over Greenland destroy all of the Egyptian jamming satellites, especially Skynet. The plan for tracking Skynet relied on use of Skynet signals outside of the solar system, even though moderation had not acknowledged Skynet's use outside of the solar system. All of his spacecraft over Denmark was to attack the Demarchy navy, prioritizing ones that were currently in an engagement. All Dark Armada members were also instructed to return to Earth.

The Vasari Droid Army was to defend Germany and Belgium, as coastal guns repelled the Egyptian navy and reinforcements headed to Kiel and Oostende.

Returning to his Dark Armada, he ordered his spacecraft to not just go to Earth, but more specifically to the Demarchy. Some of them were to transport droids attacking Demarchy lands back to the mainland, but most were to bombard Egyptian defenses and other high-value targets. Further, some spaccraft currently stationed on Earth were ordered to assist in destroying the satellites.


At this point, Teran Marine voided Skynet, citing that the weaponry was undefeatable. He also instituted a new rule, effective immediately, saying that all super-weapons needed to be public knowledge before their use. Once they were announced, half of production time needed to elapse before it could be used.

Pen Par was excited over the change. Quill, on the other hand, attacked Teran’s use of similar techniques when he actively played the game.



Legless then accused Rpvictor of bias, on the grounds that Quill requested Rpvictor as a moderator, and Rpvictor was the only one to know of his HFPE projects. (In reality, Rpvictor was the only moderator that he and Pen could agree on. As for his projects, Rpvictor was the only active moderator who was not an enemy of the Demarchy.) Pen Par, still oblivious to the fact that Skynet was electronic warfare, also accused Rpvictor of bias. Pen, however, based his accusations on the fact that Skynet had done electronic warfare.

Wane tried to defend Rpvictor from the criticism on the grounds stated in the last paragraph, but Legless dismissed the argument as Quill did not want Teran to moderate the war. (Teran, who was not an active player, had a penchant for biased narrations and absurdity. Quill wanted neither.) Wane then said that all the players would be biased to some degree, but Legless said that any moderator would do as long as he was active and neutral. Teran was neither. Wane said that Rpvictor tried to be fair, and Legless then proposed having two to three people moderate a war. Wane objected to the inefficiency.

Luimnigh then stated that Skynet was electronic warfare, but Pen Par said that it should not have been active, since Quill only said that he was activating Skynet, not using it for electronic warfare.


Rpvictor then remoderated the war. In Earth’s orbit, the Vasari fleet was decimated due to a lack of orders, but the Demarchy lost half of their satellites and a significant number of gunboats. Demarchy orbital bombardment and Vasari particle cannon strikes were reducing both navies, but because the orbital bombardment had been up longer, the German navy was smaller.

Only 100,000 droids got to Greenland, and they had successfully made it to Munich. More information was needed to moderate the Demarchy’s move on Greenland. Only 100,000 droids each made it to the targeted African lands. No droids made it to the Canary Islands, but airplanes made it.

Due to reliance on non-existent range, the Vasari Empire was quickly losing their space armada to the Demarchy. Demarchy gunboats had taken out a significant part of the Vasari space presence on Mercury before going down themselves. Pen was trounced in his offensive on Finland.

Mid-Late GameEdit

Egypt's New ManeuverEdit

Welcome to Mars by derbz

A Martian colony.

With the war remoderated, Quill changed his commands. Most of his space fleet would attach the Vasari presence over Mars, while a small number would attack Vasari defenses on Earth, as well as the remnants of his navy. Another sect was to go after German military satellites using lasers and anti-satellite missiles. They would obtain the coordinates by hacking the German computer systems. German servers in general would also be targeted.

Regarding the droids at Nuuk, long range artillery and electromagnetic pulse missiles were used at first, with orders to switch to conventional weaponry and then escorted ground attack, bomber and strike fighter aircraft. For his original attack, he had his amphibious assault ships retreat while electronic warfare, aircraft and more long-range weaponry was used to attack the Vasari defensive structures and military installations, in preparation for a landing.

Rail guns, artillery, cruise missiles, aircraft, bombs and orbital strikes were used to take out the droids at his various African lands. For the aircraft-only move on the Canary Islands, the navy, anti-aircraft structures and aircraft were used for a defensive. Lastly, the Demarchy conducted reconaissance using satellites and missile-launched nanites.

Germany's New ManeuverEdit

Pen then ordered all remaining craft in his Dark Armada to regroup between Mars and Earth for a decisive engagement against the Demarchy. The specific battle strategy was to have strike fighters encircle the entire Demarchy space military. If the Demarchy ships somehow failed to destroy the ships, they would attack the gunboats from behind while the rest of the Vasari space fleet attacked the rest of the Demarchy space fleet. An alternative strategy for if the Demarchy had strike fighters of them own was to take them out and then bomb the Demarchy spacecraft.


Demarchy propaganda about their attack on the Vasari Empire.

Regarding the Demarchy attack on the northern Vasari mainland, Pen used anti-orbital weapons from Earth. This included missiles, plasma, lasers, electromagnetic pulses and rail guns. He also had his aircraft and some spacecraft attack the spacecraft. Then going to Earth, he continued with cyber warfare and ordered THEL’s to be fired at all missiles directed at his satellites. He constructed more Particle Cannon satellites and tried to explain part of his cyber defenses. Several Vasari interceptors were to attack the Demarchy space fleet with anti-satellite weaponry.

Pen then commanded his submarines to attack anti-submarine naval vessels as his droids advanced on the Demarchy installations at Nuuk. For the Demarchy assault directly on Germany, Pen had his entire German air force, fully escorted, first attack the Demarchy aircraft and then attack the Demarchy naval presence. Electronic warfare and artillery were to be used heavily. Then, 150,000 human soldiers were sent to counter the 200,000 men sent by the Demarchy.

In Africa, Pen ordered his droids to dig a massive network of trenches, so that a single electromagnetic pulse could only destroy five of them at a maximum. He then ended his Canary Islands assault.

Pen and Quill proceeded to get into an argument over whether Pen was able to use his superweapons, in accordance with Teran’s rule. Pen said that he could because he had given prior notice, but Quill dismissed this as irrelevant.

Moderation and AppealsEdit

Although some areas were not waived as Quill had not yet responded to the Demarchy attacks, some areas, such as the naval battle and particle cannons, had been narrated.

In the naval battle, the German navy had been completely destroyed, while 20% of the Demarchy navy was destroyed, largely due to the slow but powerful Particle Cannon. The Demarchy was making progress on the cannon, as their hacking was proving partially effective. They had the coordinates for 60% of the Particle Cannon satellites and 30% of their military bases. 40% of all Vasari Particle Cannon satellites were brought down.


Trench warfare.

In Greenland, the highly advanced Demarchy electromagnetic pulses were able to stock the attack cold. In Africa, the droids were so distracted by digging the 621 miles of trench per country required by Pen that they were quickly destroyed. On the Canary Islands, the attack failed with 50% of the airplanes escaping the battle. Then in Germany, the obsessive focus on the space support allowed the Demarchy to continue, having taken part of Germany and most of Belgium, although with significant casualties to their spaceships.

Bowswer then accused Rpvictor of bias, citing a comment given on the narration that Pen's colonies were undefended. His accusations were also based on Rpvictor giving Quill some information of Pen's non-HFPE technology and that Rpvictor had the droids dig trenches.

Rpvictor said that the comment actually benefited the sorely behind Pen, the giving of the information was perfectly standard, and Pen quite specifically wanted those trenches.

Bowswer delivered an incoherent rebuttal, claiming that Pen had taken too much damage to hold a defense, Pen was not informed on the basic rules of war moderation, and that Rpvictor never posted his calculations on the length of the trenches, despite that that was not his initial objection, and he was ambiguous on whether or not it was a problem.

Rpvictor corrected Bowswer on how much damage Pen had taken, the likelihood of Pen knowing basic war procedure, and the legitimacy of the trench calculations.

Meanwhile, Quill amended his rules of engagement, saying that his fleet would stick together, his long-range craft would snipe and his corvettes and frigates would shield the rest of his craft. Bombers would bomb, fighters would engage enemy fighters and bombers, and all other spacecraft would attack anything within range.

Late GameEdit

Germany ContinuedEdit


The objections never end.

The Vasari Empire then prepared their next move by objecting to the previous moderation. Although they showed that Rpvictor had overestimated the number of drones, he overestimated the overestimation and used the incident to accuse Rpvictor of bias. (In reality, Pen had edited a post between it being narrated and the posting of the narration.) He also said that Rpvictor had a double standard in dealing with failure to post specific attack strategies.

Pen then announced that he had previously constructed four naval fleets that had not yet been mentioned in the war and asked for them to be used. Quill later objected to this because Pen repeatedly said that he was sending his entire navy to various places.

In space, Pen called off his original plan and had his space military encircle Mars, but remain concentrated between Mars and Jupiter. Scouts, shields and repair drones were sent as they prepared for the Demarchy fleet to engage them.

Pen ordered his navy, which may or may not have existed, to attack Demarchy satellites. He then activated a number of "Giga Fortresses." These ships, of which Pen claimed to have fourteen, seventeen and twenty-six, turned into large naval fortresses with lasers, rail guns, missiles and electronic warfare, among other equipment. He proceeded to give them contradictory orders including changing locations, firing at satellites and attacking the Demarchy navy.

Pen then claimed that his particle cannon networks were fully repaired and improved. He then asserted that his African droids were still alive somehow and had them keep fighting while he fired cruise missiles at Demarchy postitions.

In Germany, he sent 2,600,000 droids and 1,200,000 humans to defend Germany, with artillery and electronic support. His particle cannon was to go after Demarchy troops in the area. He also fired nuclear warheads at them, and vowed to do everything possible against the Demarchy that did not harm civilians. However, he stated that it was acceptable to use nukes if the number of civilians that would be targeted was smaller, and that special operations teams would be sent to try to evacuate citizens.

Misgard and the DemarchyEdit


A submarine.

Misgard sent a massive number of craft to assist the Demarchy in their war against the Vasari Empire. The tally included but was not limited to 300,000 men, 175 anti-aircraft platforms, 8 submarines, nearly 350 airplanes, 240 helicopters, and almost 200 tanks.

Quill then took over. First looking at Mars, he had his orbital defenses go after the Vasari space fleet stationed there. Then, he ordered his spacefleet to fake a retreat, but them return and engage the Vasari space fleet from the longest possible range.

Mechanized infantry with aerial support were ordered to use electromagnetic pulses on the reamining Vasari droids as Operation Rosstein began. Demarchy submarines were sent to fire missiles at the Giga Fortresses from directly underneath them. Rail guns would also be fired at the fortresses, and all nuclear missiles that they launched would be intercepted. Quill then called for aid from the United States, Russia, China and the United Nations due to the Vasari Empire's use of nuclear weaponry.

He said that the replacement particle cannon satellites would never have made it up due to the Demarchy presence in the area, and that they were completed far too quickly. He also used his reconnaissance projects to target the major Vasari cruise missile station and begin orbital bombardment attacks on it. The Demarchy also continued cyber warfare to disrupt Vasari communications, and began a campaign to spread propaganda about the Vasari nukes to Pen's citizens.

Soldiers in Germany and Belgium were to take defensive positions until it was certain that nuclear strikes were not a threat. THEL's and interceptors were to take down any missiles, while anti-orbit weaponry attacked satellites. 500,000 men were also sent to reinfroce Quill's positions in Germany and Belgium. More armored vehicles and anti-aircraft structures were to be constructed as artillery and supported multiroles began to make slow progress against the Vasari positions.


Void rays void.

Missiles, artillery and ground attack aircraft were to go after Vasari military installations. Any captured military installation was to be searched for useful data.

Hints of MadnessEdit

Pen Par stated that the retreat strategy would not work due to a vague gravitation well, and also asked how the Demarchy was able to produce so much electromagnetic pulse weaponry. He also claimed that his droids were missile-proof and said that foreign powers would not intervene because of Pen Par's strikes. He also called for the voiding of some of Quill's reconnaissance measures and insulted Quill repeatedly. Lastly, he said that the mechanism for dispersing his bombs was not missile-based.

Quill in turn said that Pen was attempting to define his technology, he had been working on electromagnetic pulse technology for over a century and owned the largest arms manufacturer on Earth. He said that missile-proof droids were ridiculous, and that he was endangering civilians. He maintained that his reconnaissance measures were not void-worthy, and then Quill insulted Pen repeatedly. Quill then asked Pen to elaborate on the mechanism for dropping bombs.

Pen then had his Dark Fleet evacuate the main solar system with all of his research notes. He also remarked that all of his citizens had been evacuated from nuke sites. The Demarchy attempted to pursue the fleeing Dark Armada. Pen sent some craft away from the large group to confuse the Demarchy, but Quill had earlier put trackers on the fleeing craft. Pen had twelve of his spacecraft stall the Demarchy as the rest of the Dark Armada scattered throughout the galaxy, with the intention of meeting up again.


Over the BrinkEdit

Pen Par then lost it entirely. He had fifty droid-piloted aircraft drop bombs containing the Ebola virus onto Egypt cities. After this, the droids were to crash their planes into Egyptian military structures. After this, all droids, particle cannons and military installations of the Vasari Empire would self-destruct. All prisoners of war were to be executed. All military schematics were destroyed and the Vasari Empire completely surrendered their remaining holdings in the main solar system.

123 said this move would devastate the Earth, and Pen agreed, but said that it was necessary to remove Quill from the game. 123 asked for the strength of the bombs. Pen responded that all but one were 5 megatons. The other bomb, which was dropped on Cairo, was 35 megatons.


The Earth, which Pen tried to destroy.

Quill then responded, saying that the attack could never have happened. He cited his air force and air defenses, as well as the weakness of the Vasari air force. Quill then says that the Earth would have been destroyed if Pen's attack had succeeded. Wane interjected, saying that the move was automatically voided because of that.

Echelon Zero then said that because of this, 97% of the world immediately cut all of its ties with the Vasari Empire.


With this new wind in his sails, Quill called on all of the nations of Earth to hunt down the Vasari Empire's Dark Armada. At least twelve Demarchy craft were currently tracking the Dark Armada. Meanwhile, Quill worked on retrofitting all of the Vasari Empire's shipyards and disarming any German spacecraft in the solar system. However, no German craft remained. Wane offered his cooperation, and Luim said that he would if he had the capability to do so.

Meanwhile, Pen continued his retreat into uncharted territory. Quill then promised Misgard the lands of Mercury, Benelux, Germany and Denmark in exchange for their cooperation in the war. Pen then said that all of the spaceships at his colonies would continue producing spacecraft for the Dark Armada, although it was questionable how his spacecraft were still operational.

Pen Par then quit, very abruptly, ceding all of his space colonies and technology to the United States of America.


Luimnigh then attempted to began recreating Pen's technology from the wreckage while the Demarchy used its new muscle from the conquest of the Vasari Empire to begin a squabble with Avalon.

Bowswer was deeply distraught by Pen's abrupt departure and for a few days, was intent on getting Pen back.

Several "councils" were held about the war, but they accomplished little of relevance and were usually used for demagouging Rpvictor over his moderation of the war. Bismarck, Bowswer, Pen and Legless all accused Rpvictor of bias several times. Despite this, bias was never convincingly demonstrated.

The war led to a crackdown on abuse of the HFPE project system. Some rules on HFPE projects inspired by this war still exist in NC.

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