The War Code was officially implemented into Nation Creation type games, by -unknown-. The revised, newer war color codes were implemented by Farma in Nation Creation, on 26 August, 2011.

Older [Common] VersionEdit

Red - War

Yellow - War Likely

Green - No chance of War

Newer [Revised] VersionEdit

Pre-War CodesEdit

Green - No chance of war

Yellow - Chance of enemy forces approaching.

Orange - Enemy forces are far away, but are coming.

Red - Enemy forces are here, and trying to attack.

War CodesEdit

Maroon - War has started.

Black - War is at a serious point.

Pink - Running low on troops.

Post-War CodesEdit

Mustard Yellow - War Lost

Brown - War Drawn.

Lavender - Treaty Signed, war done.

Gold - War Won.

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