The United Republics of the Arctic is Super's nation in Nation Creation Ver. 689. It currently consists of Yukon, Alaska, Kazakhstan, Chukotka, and Magadan. The capital is Nome, Alaska.

Yura's position on the globe.


URA was formed when several smaller territories of Canada, Russia, and the U.S. felt underrepresented in each of their nation's governments. The leaders of the territories, states, and oblasts all disagreed with the directions each of their countries were going in the world. A pact was written and signed in Nome, Alaska (known as the 88 Pact for the day it was signed, 8/8/14) that stated the lands of Kamchatka, Alaska, and Yukon would secede from each of their nations to form a new nation, the Unified Republics of the Arctic. Magadan and Chukotka would also secede to join the new nation. Because each nation the territories seceded from saw the territories as minor, outlying lands and a minor loss, there was no war as a result of the secession. URA currently holds non-aggression pacts with the NATO and Russia.

As a brand-new nation, Yura is seeking to gain acceptance on the world stage. It's military is currently involved in counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan, and uses a wide mix of Soviet-Russian and US weapons. By using multinational arms, it's military is thus very balanced between durability and precision. Yura currently has no nuclear arms, as all weapons of the sort were returned to the U.S. and Russia when secession occurred.

The international dateline has been moved so that the Russian parts of Yura are included in the Pacific Time Zone.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Yura is closely allied with the European Union. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are generally seen as enemies, as Yura is currently at war with them.

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