Union State

Flag of the Union State. 15 Stars to represent the States and one to represent the Union.

The Union State is a superpower that was formed from the remanants of the Soviet Union with East European and Russian backing. It was created [DATE], and is the largest country to exist in Nation Creation currently. Globally, it is ranked #1 in terms of military, economy, and the like.


The Union State was formed from Russia and Belakraine initially, but the Union Charter became 

Union State1

Extend of the Union State, with the 15 States shown.

avaliable to all nations surrounding the U.S. and thus many began to adopt the U.C. and become full members literally overnight. 

Even Central Asian countries joined due to the economic benefits and protection offered by the Collective Security Clause.

Current Edit

The Union State exists as the single greatest power in the world, with the only rival being the Arab Federation due to their massive hold over petrol. The Union State however has no need to worry about their reserves as the U.S. contains just as much oil and natural gas, with a more developed industrial and technological center, as well as a more modern military than the Arab Federation.

The Union State also holds the largest supply of nuclear weapons of any country, while the Arab Federation is a non-nuclear state.

At a staggering 27,212,340 km2, the Union State is the second largest nation in history, beaten only by the British Empire. It is the largest countious land nation in history as well, beating the Mongol Empire by over 1,000,000 km2.

GDP: 5.1 Trillion

GDP Per Capita: 17,000

Population: 300,000,000

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