This was a war where the GLOCK launched an attack on the NPC moon Edest in the Heartland System that it didn't control after they failed to respond to diplomatic requests


Recon operations were carried out initially before the lorian orbital fleet engaged their fleet from long range. Once their fleet had been dealt with, civilian ships were deployed to rescue survivors. Satellites were targeted next. This was all conducted under the presence of EW and CW. These operations took place whenever it was night for most of the moon.

Diplomacy Edit

The GLOCK broadcast its aims. They wished to unify the heartland system to form a stronger nation, promising to compensate for all damage done during this war. Enemy units were urged to surrender.

Main strikeEdit

The orbital fleet then targeted enemy naval assets and deployed smart chaff.

After total orbital/electronic/cyber dominance was gained, precision military strikes were launched against enemy targets. Around 6000 special forces were deployed initially, followed shortly by 100k orbital troops and aircraft. 200k conventional forces were then deployed after the orbital troops had captured locations. Airborne forces captured vital targets and in all, around 500k men were deployed in this invasion.


The GLOCK won the conflict with 10% casualties. Much of Edest's government was preserved, although some of the higher functions were transferred to Trotsky.

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