The Exemplary War, as it was originally named (otherwise known asThe Umbradi War of Agression), was the fourth interstate war in Spacebattles NC (that actually involved combat). It was initially fought between Gnuispir8 as the Umbradi Empire, Super as United Alaska, and Lantern as the UGM, however Super quit NC early on in the war. Ninja as Britannia later declared war on the Umbradi for attacking United Alaska, their ally, after Super quit. The war was declared for mostly OOG reasons, and led to the rule banning wars without in-game reason being re-implemented to NC. However, the in game reason was two-fold: To create a scenario in which the usefulness of the IN could be displayed, and to discover what secrets United Alaska had hidden away about WMDs. The latter of these two reasons came to fruition with the discovery of the United Alaska Nuclear stockpile, which would help answer the question of where Britannia received the means to destroy Pluto.

The war, while taking place in 2307, was posted in the thread at the same time as The Inevitable War, which took place in 2298. The Inevitable War, which involved Okami and Ninja, took place between semi-active players and posts came very slowly, as most other nations carried on with their usual business. The situation was the same with the Umbradi War of Aggression, as it too was posted very slowly. While the thread moved into the 2320's both wars were still being posted and modded.

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