Basic Overview Edit

The USRS stand for the United States of the Rytom System. Created by Danokozmo on December 18, 2010. Originally named the United States of Southern Rytom (USSR), the origins of the country are routed in the Southern Hemisphere in the city of Rytomus. Being a strong Republic, many countries surrounding the area wished to join as states. Over the next hundred years, the USSR continued to expand on the planet Rytom until controlling the entire planet 100 years after its founding. During these 100 years not much happened with interaction of other countries. The USSR had just missed the Winter Olympics, and focused most on its culture and technology.

During its second century of existance, the USSR officially changed its name to the USRS after claiming a neighbor planet. during this time the USRS devoloped some of its most used military technology, The R-1 and R-2 Cruisers and as well as Battlesuits. during these years we claimed our first major piece of Earth land, Kansas. Arounf this time, the USRs offered the hand of an alliance to the GEH and Juton, buth of which are still allies to this day. During the later years of the second century the USRS began to develop a better shielding system and the ability to make stars. Also during the mess of new countries and such, The USRS developed its Portalling System, its advanced Turrets (still used widely), and FTL drives.


A Rough picture of an R-1 Cruiser

In most recent times, The USRS has become involved with an intense semi-war with the Borg. After the cloaked figure escaped the grasp of current High Minister, Danokozmo, Danokozmo feared the worst. After the High Minister was found dead by an uknown cause, an election took place for a new High Minister. Being a public favorite and a young recruit, a puppet of the Cloaked figure assumed the posistion. He quickly corrupted thegovernment, leaving Danokozmo in great question. Thinking pre-emptively, Danokozmo prepared the public for evacuationg in case some sort of attack came. Sadly he was right. After the Borg were beaten back for a shortamount of time, the USRS developed three major militaristic advances.


A rough picture of an R-3 Cruiser

The first being Voidrays, a new space ships that now outnumbers any capital ship we have. After this, the USRS developed the R-3 cruiser, a huge advance considering it brought the larget plasma cannon in use into existence. The last being a platform system that would allow Turrets to be in space on these

'Tis a Voidray. Settle down.

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