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The Trotsky accords is a treaty originally proposed by The GLOCK regarding the spread of Hyper-WMD's. The GLOCK expressed concern at the growth of strategic WMD's. These SWMD's are capable of cracking open a planet. Never before has known life been so close to being wiped out. Thus, they proposed that we begin a crackdown on these SWMD's. "Tactical" WMD's wouldn't be affected. We propose over that all HWMD manufacture halts immediately and over the next 3 years, all HWMD's are dismantled and safely disposed of.

What would constitute a strategic WMD? Any device or weapon capable of a high order of destruction or causing mass casualties over a 1 mile radius.

It would also have all nations that sign up to the treaty be partial to observers watching their wartime WMD usage. If a nation uses a large number of "Tactical" WMD's in a relatively small area, they would violate the treaty.

This treaty would also prohibit the use of WMD's deliberately against civilian targets where the military benefit would be very small.

A number of strategic WMD's may exist under multinational control.

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