The treaty signed by the Portal Nations during The Dual Invasion, preventing them from interfering in the invasion by Nation Creation and compelling them to assist in said invasion.

The terms were thus:

1) The Portal Nations are no longer at war with the NC and CYOC Crusader Nations.

2) The Portal Nations shall no longer impede the NC Invasion, and will instead assist in said invasion.

3) The Portal Nations will be supplied equipment to help with the invasion by the Twin Gods' Empire, and any other nation willing, for the duration of the invasion.

4) There shall be no discussion of the origins of the Portal Nations, nor the use of any other names to describe them, for their own security and peace of mind. They shall remain as they are, with the tech currently available to them, unless otherwise stated in the terms.

5) The Portal used by the Portal Nations will be closely monitored by the Ascendant Kingdom. A manifesto must be supplied by the Portal Nations on anything they wish to pass through the Portal, and Godking Marcus shall have final say on what is and is not allowed through. This is to prevent the insertion of hostile forces by either side, and the theft of unique tech from either side.

6) All extraneous technology brought in through the Portal, namely the offensive technology and assault forces/ships shall be returned to their correct side of the Portal.

7) The Portal shall remain available to the Portal Nations as a method of retreat should they come under overwhelming attack by a more powerful nation.

8) The land of the now-dead country of Cyberain is to be made available for the Portal Nations to base themselves within. Should that be unbearably objectionable to the various members of CYOC, they shall instead have the Twin Gods' Empire's lands of Puerto Rico and the Republic of Macedonia.

With the treaty signed, plans were put underway to complete the invasion.

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