Played in "Nation Creation" by Occupied Deutschland

Formed in 201

The flag of the YDR

9 by the joining of the Yukon Confederacy and the Denali Republic, the YDR quickly experienced a wide-scale economic boom as the resource rich Alaskan countryside was carefully used to acquire resources. However, underneath the veneer of economic prosperity and "friendship" between the nations, there simmered a long-unsettled animosity between the two nations.

Pre- HistoryEdit

Before Integration the YDR was split between the Yukon Confederacy in the Southeast & South Central parts of present-day Alaska, and the Denali Republic in the Central and Northern areas. Though the Denali Republic's land claims were enormous, their ability to manage it was not and the country stagnated quickly as the lack of ports for trade & general lack of investment capital wrecked the country. Added to this was the heavily Socialist/Communist leanings of the Denali leadership which, though not harming the economy, was unable to rescue it.

The Yukon Confederacy meanwhile experienced the opposite problem. Investment & capital production boomed with the government's hands off approach to economic concerns, but the lack of land and raw resources soon saw the country stagnating as well. The Union was beneficial to all involved, but hardly sweepingly popular.

The Denali AfuiyuqtiEdit

Arising when settlers and prospectors from the Yukon Confederacy crossed into Denali lands, the Afuiyuqti pushed these "undesirables" out, often violently. Though they were officially labeled a criminal organization and received no official support from the government of the Denali Republic, it has long been believed that they had friends and sympathizers in the government who passed along information gleaned from negotiations with the Yukon Confederacy. The Afuiyuqti developed a penchant for killing intruders on Denali land from very long ranges with rifles, and even performed a small number of acts within the Yukon Confederacy itself, most notably the assassination of Phillip Ivanoff, a candidate for president who advocated the invasion of the Denali Republic. Though he was severely unpopular prior to his assassination, he was made into a martyr semi-successfully, which led to the formation of the small but radical Yukon Freemen Militia.

The Yukon Freemen MilitiaEdit

Similiar to the Afuiyuqti, the YFM killed a number of Denali Confederacy citizen's when they traveled into the Yukon Confederacy. However, their numbers were not nearly as great and they held little sway with the general populace or the government. It is believed they disbanded completely after the Integration of the two nations into the YDR.

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