The Yaevin-2 system is the second most densely inhabited system the GLOCK owns.It consists of

One star similar to the sun (Anor)

  • 3 Gas Giants
  • 1 Earth like planet
  • 6 small moons
  • 2 habitable moons


Ereb Edit

This is the closest planet to the sun and a Gas Giant.


This is the next closest planet to the sun and a Gas Giant. It has two habitable moons in orbit around it. Rochben and Kano.


This is the third planet in the system and a Gas Giant. It has four small moons orbitting it. Grond, Sorn, Hrosse and Taer.


This is the final world in the system and is Earth like. It used to have a population of 1 billion but a terrible plague swept through it and killed 70% of the population. The GLOCK promptly sent humanitarian aid and began rebuilding it. It has two small moons in orbit around it, Ithil and Silme

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