The War to End Pointless Wars, coined by Gnuispir8 as the Hypocritical War, was a war declared by United Alaska (Super) against the Tokrian Empire (newcomer Epuslso) in NC Spacebattles. United Alaska's declaration was in response to the Tokrian invasion of its neighbor nations (all NPC's) on the planet Tokai. United Alaska had previously opposed all three interstate wars that occurred during the bloatship era (The Quisling War, The Inexplicable War, and The Brewing War), and had grown tired of seeing pointless wars declared. Its sudden involvement was in part to put the Tokrian Empire in its place, and in part to send a message to the rest of the galaxy: unjustified wars will no longer be tolerated. However, in the eyes of others, this war was equally unjustified, thereby earning it the name "The Hypocritical War", due to the obvious hypocrisy of its declaration. United Alaska initally demanded that the Tokrian Empire dismantled its 90,000-strong military and leave 5,000 for defense.

Immediate responses to the declaration of war included demands from Remyria, The Sublime Assembly, and the Umbradi Empire for United Alaska to take the matter to the IN or simply go immediately to peace talks. Before United Alaska made a military move, the Tokrian Empire informed the IN they would agree to enter peace talks with the Tokia neighbor nations. Following this and in addition to outside pressure, United Alaska withdrew its declaration, making the "war", like the Brewing War, more of a shouting match than a military engagement. The crisis was mostly considered a win for United Alaska's typical strong-armed diplomacy, as the war on Tokia was prevented due to United Alaska's intervention, however the ending of the conflict was not exactly what United Alaska had hoped for.

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