A photo of the shaman that was taken shortly before the War of the Falklands.

The War of the Falklands was caused when Colombia invaded the Falkland islands in Nation Creation 36.As Colombia's frigates reached the beaches of the islands they were attacked by two crabs the size of around four humans each.After dealing some damage to the frigates, the crabs let go and the frigate went back out sea as several missile barrages hit the crabs killing.Two ac-130s went to back up the forces but were attacked by the Leviathan, one of the Prince of Hell.

After several battles against the forces of nature, Emperor Scorched, Scourge of CYOC arrived on the island and led the hunt of the Dreadful Witch Doctor who plagued the Colombian forces in the War of the Amazonas with Sloths.After killing several giant monkeys, the emperor led the forces after the monkeys to a hut in the middle of the forest where they were attacked by vines, and the Emperor burned some of their roots.

Meanwhile, a Avalonian special forces team had tracked down and found the Shaman's staff.After the Avalonian forces were massacred by the magic of the staff, Private Coto made his way towards the Colombian forces and ran with them until they found out how to work the magic of the staff.Using the magic of the staff, they tracked down the shaman who was at the time petting a bear cub.

As Emperor Scorched attempted to cut the staff in half a Fleshasuaras was summoned to fight the Colombian and Avalonian soldiers.Coto used the staff to make the vines wrap around the beast's feet and throw it into a portal summoned to the abbyss.He claimed himself a god and Emperor Scorched replied:Oh F*** This! and fired his glock's clip into Coto's head.

Shortly afterwards, Colombian forces made their way to the capital where they signed the enemies surrender and declared the capital be renamed Rachington and a statue of Rache Glock be built in the center, while Margerald would be sent a basket of flowers with a thank you note inside.

It was then given as a gift to Avalon for their support in all Colombian Affairs.

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