Treaty Signing

The Treaty being signed (in black and white, because Emperor Marvin thought it would look cool)


This Watcher fleet never got to blast things. Thanks, moderators.

The Treaty of the North is an agreement between the Wisdom Pact (an alliance between Forum Lord and Volcano) and The Watchers, and marks the end of a conflict which never took place, as the treaty was created and signed before moderation of the war could take place (the lack of moderation was one of the reasons for the treaty itself).

The articles of the treaty were based upon the articles in the Treaty of Purton, and both the events leading up to the Treaty of the North and leading up to the Treaty of Purton (as well as the names involved) are, as Omni pointed out, eerily similar.

In both treaties, the war never actually took place, although in this case this was agreed upon by both sides. Both treaties (and non-existent wars) were between one lone country and a conglomeration of other countries, the lone country a military superpower and the others economic powers. Both conglomerations can be appreviated TWP (The Warsaw Pact and The Wisdom Pact) and in both cases the treaties placed numerous limitations on the losing country. Apparently, this was totally unintentional.

Empire of Time Army

Neither did the Empire's soldiers get to kill anyone.

The Treaty of the North (between the Wisdom Pact and the Watchers).

Article 1: The war between the Wisdom Pact and the Watchers is considered over.

Article 2: The Provisions of all Articles are to apply for 100 (one hundred) years only.

Article 3: The Watcher's forces shall be limited to 500,000 (five hundred thousand) people across all forces and across all jobs, regardless of Industry.

Article 4: The Watchers may not use Robots as combat units, although Cyborgs are permissible.

Article 5: The Watcher's space fleet is to be limited to 1/5th of the fleet of the combined Wisdom Pact.

Article 6: All technologies of the Watcher military are to be available for the study of representatives of the WarSaw Pact for 5 (five) years, before they are destroyed.

Article 7: At the signing of this treaty, The Watchers will have their pre-war points cut in half. For ten years after this, The Watchers may gain no more than 20 (twenty) points per year. Following that period, they are limited to 20 (twenty) projects for the duration of the treaty.

Article 8: For the duration of this treaty, The Watchers will not declare war on any country or group of countries, except in the condition of The Watchers being attacked, a civilian being killed, or with the express permission of the Wisdom Pact.

Article 9: The Wisdom Pact will not declare war on the Watchers unless any article in the above is violated or the Watchers threaten the sovereignty of any member of the Wisdom Pact.

Article 10: The Treaty is to take effect immediately.

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