The Symbiont-Eximius Conglomeration (SEC) is a joint player nation in NC Spacebattles run by Allergic and Super.

The SEC was formed when a large portion of the Symbiont's government left on a bloatship colonization mission, and Eximius stepped in to co-govern Haven, the homeworld of the Symbionts. It was agreed that the newly formed Haven-based government would overarch the Eximius oligarchy on Lysehus as well as the Symbiont's old government (although the bloatship colony is technically part of the merger nation it acts autonomous).

Eximius and Symbiont came from two very different backgrounds. Eximius, known as being Space Switzerland, had only spent a few decades on the galactic stage and maintained a large degree of neutrality when it came to other nation's affairs, however it did show disapproval of some actions taken by Remyria and The Umbradi Empire. The Symbionts entered the galactic stage only a few years after Eximius, and did so with a bang: the Lincoln Bombing. After the British stepped in and reformed the Symbiont's government, the Symbionts were asked to fight for the British in their war against the UGM, however they refused and eventually were cut loose from British influence.

One thing both nations did have in common was strong relations with the Tethys Consortium, whom Eximius had a 10% RTA and embassies with, and the Symbionts co-developed tech with after their reform.

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