This is some basic information on the Second System. The Second System is the starting solar system in DAW for the first thread or so. It consists of several planets. All are rocky and around earth sized.


Atmosphere: Highly toxic

Resources: masses of minerals

Climate: acid rain

% of surface covered by water: 60%

Wildlife: mutated animals

Dangers: toxic atmosphere, radiation, mutated animals, acidic rain

Can you start on it: No.

Satellites: 2 small lifeless moons

Inhabitants: none. No one is crazy enough to go there.


Atmosphere: breathable

Resources: fish, masses of hydrocarbons,

Climate: warm and humid

% of surface covered by water: 95%

Wildlife: birds and fish.

Dangers: drowning

Can you start on it: yes

Satellites: none

Inhabitants: A small human presence, as well as a significant denizen presence and an illuminated outpost


Atmosphere: breathable

Resources: small quantities of everything, masses of wood-pretty much a global forest.

Climate: Bit colder than that of Earth.

% of surface covered by water: 70%

Wildlife: similar to earth

Dangers: the UTF have a significant presence here.

Can you start on it: You could, but expect to either obey the UTF or die.

Satellites: 1 moon (earth moon sized)

Inhabitants: U*F


Atmosphere: None

Resources: None

Climate: None

% of surface covered by water: 0

Wildlife: ?


Can you start on it: No

Satellites: Rings that rival Saturn’s

Inhabitants: ?

Fira PrimeEdit

Atmosphere: Extremely high concentrations of sulphur and carbon dioxide

Resources: geothermal, hydrocarbons and minerals

Climate: extremely warm

% of surface covered by lava: 60%

Wildlife: a few basic lifeforms

Dangers: Lava, toxic atmosphere, earthquakes, volcanoes

Can you start on it: no

Satellites: A small volcanic moon similar to Io

Inhabitants: A small human presence

New havenEdit

Atmosphere: Breathable

Resources: plentiful

Climate: earth like, varied.

% of surface covered by water: 72%

Wildlife: Large amounts of carbon-based lifeforms

Dangers: none

Can you start on it: yes, it’s encouraged.

Satellites: One moon (Earth moon sized)

Inhabitants: Human


Atmosphere: Breathable

Resources: lots of hydrocarbons and a few minerals

Climate: hot and dry

% of surface covered by water: 5%

Wildlife: sand worms, reptiles, a few mammals and birds

Dangers: heatstroke, the illuminated (main base of operations)

Can you start on it: yes

Satellites: 2 captured asteroids

Inhabitants: Humans and illuminated


Atmosphere: breathable

Resources: none really

Climate: Extremely high winds, wind speed never drops past 100mph

% of surface covered by water: 45%

Wildlife: nothing

Dangers: extremely high winds

Can you start on it: No

Satellites: none

Inhabitants: no


Atmosphere: breathable

Resources: hydrocarbons,

Climate: extremely cold and dry

% of surface covered by water: 100% (ice)

Wildlife: Think Hoth

Dangers: see Hoth

Can you start on it: yes

Satellites: 3 tiny icy lumps

Inhabitants: Sentient penguins and a few humans

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