Mysore Palace

The appropriately named Everlight Palace, the seat of Government, previously the Crown's primary accomodation

The Royal Family includes all direct relatives of the King and Queen. The majority of these hold a plethora of honours and military ranks, as well as seats in the House of Inequality. Before the establishment of democracy in the Kingdom, the Kingdom was an absolute monarchy ruled by the ancestors of the current Family. Despite being governed by the democratically elected Members of Parliament, the Royal Family still hold various legislative and administrative powers, aswell as acting as figureheads, envoys and advisors for the Government.

The current Royal FamilyEdit

The House of Leiken is the royal house of the Glorious Kingdom of the House. The Head of the House is the sovereign of the Kingdom, Queen Chloe Barthow (Néé Leiken) who succeeded her father, King Charles Leiken. Married to King Stuart Barthow, the Monarchs have three children: Isabella, Joshua and Suzy. Isabella, the eldest, is heiress apparent.


Administrative and legislative responsibiltiesEdit

The administrative and legislative powers and perogatives held by the Royal Family are assumed by the ruling monarchs, by performed by many different members of the Family, who often hold plenipotentiary powers. The powers and perogatives held by the Family include the vetoing of any bill passing through the Everlight, appointment of all members of the peerage, are the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, the advising of senior Government figures, hold high-ranking military positions and are the de-facto heads of the House of Inequality. They often act as official envoys of the Kingdom to other nations and are highly renowned throughout the known Universe.


This document outlines the Royals powers, responsibilities and expectations

Public imageEdit

The Royals are an extremely important part of the Kingdom, and are adored by many. They often are present at the official openings of buildings, maiden voyages of ships and many other occasions. Their many palaces are open for public visiting when they are not present. Any citizen can request a meeting with the Royal Family although they are not often granted this privilege, however the majority of letters are answered.


The funding for the Royal Family comes primrarily from visitors to their palaces aswell as the wealth accumalated by their ancestors, in addition to healthy donations from the public and peerage. The Royal Family are well known for the significant philanthropy. 


The Royal Family act as the Foremost Speakers of the Upper House of Disparity, also known as the House of Inequality. This position is inherent to all members of the Royal Family, and is the fountain of their power. The reigning sovereign holds the Dukedom of the Incomparable Gardens, and thus is the Head of the House of Disparity.


As aforementioned, the Palaces of the Family are the pride of the Nation. The Royal Family own 357 palaces throughout the Kingdom, on Narrion, Earth and the other planets of the Kingdom.

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