The Pyros or as they are officially named the Special Purpose Incendiary Battalions are a unit of highly trained specialist Reiver troops.

The Pyros are the ultimate shock troopers, loaded with enough incendiary weaponry to burn the whole damn world down. Chosen for their… unique psychological temperament they are practically fearless and are drilled relentlessly.

They’ve seen experience fighting on Earth, as part of the RMG-ES Expeditionary Corps. They’re equipped with a prototype of the Cardinal Armour and a variety of incendiary weapons including IE-30 flamethrower, the IE-19 Cyclops Launcher and the IE-16 Kopis light explosive launcher. Much to the worry of Army psychologists they insist on using tracers instead of regular ammunition in all secondary weapons. This is, in their words “So we only shoot flames”. Unsurprisingly they’ve also been equipped with incendiary grenades in place of standard fragmentation grenades. 

History Edit

The first plans for a pyro battalion was drawn up in 2143 by then Director of Defence Leonard Church. After much concealed practice and training they were deployed to Earth as part of the RMG-ES expeditionary corps to gain operational experience.

Organisation Edit

Each Incendiary Battalion is made up of 3 companies, with each company being made up of 3 platoons. Each platoon is made up of 3 squads and one platoon leader with an assistant platoon leader.

Each Squad is broken down into:

  • 1 Squad Leader- 1 Machine Pistol, 2 Light explosive launcher, 1 service pistol
  • 4 Vehicle Crew - 1 Machine Pistol, 1 Service pistol
  • 3 Flammenwerfer - 1 SMG, 1 Incendiary Launcher, 1 service pistol
  • 3 Gunners -1 SMG, 1 launcher, 1 service pistol
  • 1 Point man- 1 SMG, 2 Light explosive launcher, 1 service pistol
  • 1 Medic - 1 SMG, 1 service pistol

And is generally equipped with:

  • 1 GV-6P Flametrack
  • 1 GV-6A APC
  • 3 IE-30 Incendiary Launcher
  • 3 IE-19 “Cyclops” launcher
  • 4 IE-16 “Kopis” Light explosive launcher
  • 8 IE-12 “Cerberus” SMG
  • 5 IE-10 “Achilles” .45 Machine Pistol
  • 13 IE-6 “Hercules” Service pistol

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