The Pineapple
Gold pineapple
A typical Atlantis Pineapple






A. comosus

The Pineapple (commonly known as an Anana) is the most well known symbol of Atlantis and Arabia. They are edible, but the act generally makes you unpopular.


The Pineapple was first recorded in 1398, when the British discovered the fruit, they called it the Pineapple, while the French called it the Anana. The argument led to the Pineapple-Anana War of 1398, which lasted three years.

A common belief within Atlantis is that Pineapples are illegal to eat. This is not true, doing so can render you quite unpopular. Rotten Pineapples are strictly prohibited within Atlantis, the owner of one can suffer a fine of 1000 Atlens.

Pineapple GrowingEdit

Pineapple Trees are restricted to high government officials, and they are also given to other nations as a thank you. It was created by Atlantis to have a never ending supply of Pineapples. When one is picked, a new one will grow back.
Ghana pineapple field

The Arretium Pineapple Farm

Pineapple Farms are a very common sight in Atlantis. The Arretium Pineapple Farm has at least 5000 Pineapple Plants, many people grow Pineapples in their backyard.


The Pineapple is commonly traded between Atlantis and other nations, the Atlantis Government recently created a way to make pineapples rotten proof for about three weeks, to make trade easier.

Pineapples are never teleported, dangers with transportation of a pineapple include: Explosion of The Pineapple, Rottening and catching bugs.


Unfortunately, Pineapples can easily catch bugs. Being placed near normal Pine or normal Apples can begin a fatal transformation of the Pineapple in an Apple made of Pine.

Another begins if a bee tries to collect pollin from the Pineapple Plant, the bee will put a disease in the Plant, causing all Pineapples to be grown to have a fatal poison, that can take affect in two minutes. Fortunately, it can be stopped if the patient can be brought to the hospital in less then a minute.

If the plant's roots are tangled with eachother, or that of another plant, the Pineapple will be grown rotten, which can be punishable.

Use as MedicineEdit

The Pineapple is often used in medicine, including the Tylenow Pain Reliever and the Acme Headaches and Cold, it has been proven to be incredibly effective. Unfortunately, if the Pineapple has one of the hidden bugs, the medicine can kill you instantly, therefore it is quite unpopular

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