F3n after the Pest Control War.

The Pest Control War was an extremely short war where Quill (The Demarchy) declared war on F3n (The Imperial Arean Empire). It was a complete Demarchist victory with Rache only losing 5 men to F3n's millions.

Dialling the exterminatorEdit

F3n and Rache had a long history of mutual hatred, going back to F3n complimenting the I.R.A, a terrorist group in Northern Ireland responsible for thousands of Deaths. Rache lives in Northern Ireland.

F3n was regarded by Quill as one of the most annoying ncers to ever play. He is extremely arrogant, idiotic and just in general inferior to all life on the planet.

Rache warned F3n multiple times not to piss him off or else he'd invade him. F3n called his bluff.

The MassacreEdit

Rache declared war on F3n. He then sent a fleet to F3n's home system. Long range Demarchist warships supported by electronic warfare destroyed all of F3n's warships and orbital military structures. F3n attempted to retaliate using prototype EM shrapnel cannons and pulse missiles.

He also had 5 light cruisers and 1 heavy cruiser use experimental cloaking to try and flank the demarchist ships. They were detected by scans and promptly destroyed.

After this f3n attempted to launch more cloaked ships. Two problems with this. One he had no ships left to launch. Two, Quill would just kill them again as easily as before.

He then placed nuclear bombs in his own cities. These then detonated and destroyed his cities, eroding morale even more.

He then attempted to evacuate his own soldiers and had his ruling family commit suicide. Only 10% of his soldiers managed to evacuate.

At this point Quill began landing forces on his planet.

This combined with the self-inflicted nuking caused masses of the arean populace and forces to surrender.

Quill then hunted down all remaining arean soldiers and killed them.

The Clean upEdit

The demarchists lost 5 soldiers. One by a heart attack, One by an aneurysm, Two by faulty equipment and one facepalmed himself to death. This led to the entire Demarchist armed forces having increased equipment checks and health checks. RMG made all future combat suits facepalm proof.

The Imperial Arean Empire lost 100% of its military, 100% of its government and suffered hundreds of trillions of damages.

Demarchist victory.

F3n proceeded to restart.

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