The Pat Benatar war was the fifth major interstate war that occurred in NC Spacebattles. The war originates to two nuclear detonations, one in Lincoln, Britannia and the other in the former capital of the Temyrian Collective. As the perpetrators of the bombings was initially unknown, many nations panicked and enacted tighter security policies. Aqarian (Omni) decided to form their own peacekeeping military force and attempted to forcefully investigate the bombings in every galactic nation through threats of WMD use. After an exchange of words between Aqarian and the LAST (Eno Remnant), the LAST taunted Aqarian by forming their space fleet into a target above their capital city and playing "Hit me with your best shot" by Pat Benatar. Aqarian responded with a declaration of war, and sent attack ships to the LAST's planet. The UGM (Lantern) sent ships to help defend the LAST upon the declaration.

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