The Omni1 (best known to the "old guard" as Omni, while posting as Dimensional on Spacebattles) is a player of the Nation Creation genre. He joined CYOC in mid-August 2011, lost his nation several times, then joined Nation Creation in October that year. He has been involved in nearly every NC-genre game since then.


What Omni wants to be when he grows up

Despite the occasional display of remarkable intelligence or insight, he is well-known as being a troll and even spammer, whose style of NC play is defined by intermittent chronic overpowering and a stunning lack of international relations.

Facts about OmniEdit

- Has Asperger('s) syndrome and bipolar depression.

- Doesn't know a damn thing about science, except for the fact that he has read some textbooks by authors such as Iain M. Banks, Isaac Asimov, and Stephen Baxter.

- Was released to manufacturing in 1999.

- Likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Former brony, but renounced the name due to a disdain for the culture attached to that term.

- Got a 30 on the ACT.

- Has a digit span of 16.

- Memorized pi to several hundred digits in a few days out of boredom is currently working on setting the world record of digits of sqrt(2) memorized.

- Only communicates with non-immediate family members via e-mail.

- Has been incarcerated.

The 99 Names of Omni Edit

Omni is known under many names; in particular, his Steam name changes, on average, once every few days. Most still know him as Omni.

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