The planet Novincip, with Vita behind it.

The Mortenebraum [More-ten-uh-brahm] System is a fictional system in NC, created by Gnuispir8. It is home to 12 planets, including Novincip. 9 of the planets are uninhabitted, and likely uninhabittable without proper technology. The other three are all inhabittable, with two being inhabitted. Obviously, one of these is Novincip. The system has one main solar body,Vita, and a secondary solar body outside the system, Lucip, which is close enough to provide some light.


NC Planet

A map of Novincip, with Insumbra shown in purple.

The fourth planet from Vita, and the second of three inhabittable planets. Novincip has 8 continents, which have 93 countries formed on them. The continents, in order of size, are Lausiar (southeast of Insumbra), Morai (directly east of Insumbra), Incudem (directly south of Insumbra), Alvire (directly west of Insumbra), Lokut (south of Alvire), Vartos (south of Lokut), Insumbra (shown in purple), and Noina (east of Morai).


More will be added later.

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