The first organized database for Nation Creation.
Android Invasion

The Massacre of Brazil, at it's earliest stage.

The Massacre of Brazil was a war in NC in which F3NR3L conquered all of Brazil in less than five posts. There were little casualties on the side of the invading force, so it was described as a uphill battle for the Brazilian forces. Many Brazilians had painful memories until their death due to this act of extreme violence.

Shortly after revealing the T-1 Android Model, Emperor Teran put himself into a computer. Teran commanded a team of top hackers to completely attack and shut down all the defense, military, communications, Root Servers, and power grid computers within Brazil. After realizing what was happening, the government of the Brazilian States began shutting down computers, but it was too late. There were hundreds of replicating spore viruses overrunning the most important computer systems in the nation, giving Teran complete control of their systems.

After a series of missile barrages on military installations, the western half of the Brazilian States surrendered unconditionally. Teran proceeded to employ 20 battalions of T-1 Androids that pillaged the enemy provinces until they surrendered, causing little damage to the infrastructure and with little casualties, the Androids became known as the Emperor's personal army of killers.The Death rate was 1 Android to every 200 Androids.

Capture 2

Androids conducting CQB in a classified Brazilian HVT compound.

The first organized database for Nation Creation.

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