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Quill's Preparations Edit

California began training a parachute division, a high temperature division, marines, Special Forces and a high altitude combat division until his armed forces had 600,000 soldiers. Several large bases, harbours and shipyards were constructed as well as a secure armed forces network. Italian Electronic Warfare and Cyberwarfare technology were purchased for $10 billion and an intelligence agency was created. Production began on indigenous small arms, trucks, mine clearers and light utility vehicles.

Former US armed forces bases in California were renovated and updated, with fortified command centres, anti-air and anti-naval defenses being established. New factories and warehouses were built and concealed to produce military equipment and stockpile material. 

Ballistic Missile launchers were concealed and dispersed all over California and loaded with ASBMs and ASATBMs. All good landing sites in California were fortified, with submarines placing sharp pieces of debris to act as an artificial coral reef.

The Californian armed forces were trained to operate while minimizing radio contact with example measures including planes being able to take off via only light signals and the establishment of a fast signals corps of motorbikers to pass messages from command centre to centre securely. Finally the satellites Bowser used for GPS etc were tracked. 

California Combat suit at time of war

  • Full environmental protection 
  • HUD system featuring numerous viewing options. Also linked to weapon system sight. 
  • Capable of operating in toxic, radioactive, aquatic and in vacuum. 
  • Pressurized sealed suit with up to 10 hours of oxygen when in dangerous areas. 
  • Communications array linking each soldier to the rest of the local units and command. 
  • Laser designator 
  • Composed of smart skin-a resilient fabric that is able to change camouflage patterns to match the surrounding area and also possessing an extremely small IR signature. 
  • Also provides a degree of protection against weaponry and anti-septic 
  • Features ceramic armour plates providing a high degree of protection against small arm fire

At the time of the war the Californian Armed Forces possessed (Discounting mineclearers, trucks and light utility vehicles):


  • Diesel electric submarines (12)
  • Guided missile destroyers (8)
  • Frigates (12)
  • Corvettes (24)
  • Amphibious assault ship (2)
  • Landing ship (8)
  • Patrol boat (32)
  • Minesweeper (8)
  • Replenishment tanker (12)
  • Survey/research ship (5)
  • Training ship (3)
  • Fast attack craft (60)
  • Numerous RHIBs


  • Multirole helicopter (150)
  • Transport helicopter (20)
  • Light attack helo (20)
  • Attack helicopter (48)
  • Hunter killer UAV (20)
  • Recon UAV (30)
  • Maritime patrol (10)
  • ASW helo (20)
  • Light combat aircraft (200)
  • Air-superiority fighter (150)
  • Ground attack (120)
  • AWACS (5)
  • Recon planes (4)
  • Tanker (4)
  • Strategic transport (12)
  • Tactical transport (40)

Land equipment:

  • Main battle tank (1500)
  • Infantry fighting vehicle (2500)
  • Self-propelled artillery (2500)
  • Multiple rocket launcher (90)
  • Mobile anti-air (200)
  • Combat recon (400)

The Mario Protocol was a war in Nation Creation 38 in which Bowswer5, controlling Meridia, fought Rache Glock, controlling the Republic of California. The war was created to settle a personal dispute between the two, and is well known for its extraordinary length.


Much as in the War of the Psychopaths, there was a well-established history of mutual disdain between the belligerents. Two restarts prior, Glock had attacked and destroyed Bowswer by use of orbital bombardment with chocolate. In the restart before that, Bowswer was a member of a coalition to attack Glock. (The coalition never accomplished their goals.)

Bowswer perceived Glock as a threat to Nation Creation and a person who would resort to any means to assert his supposed superiority over all other players. Glock on the other hand, felt Bowswer to be a pest who never stopped complaining about his actions and how immoral they were. Both used the events of the War of the Psychopaths to support their claims.

This continued until Glock restarted as the Republic of California. The two quickly reverted to their usual scuffling. Around this time, Glock made a proposal to Bowswer. In a few years, the two nations would war each other to see who was the better player. Bowswer agreed. Bowswer placed faith in how much more developed his country was, but Glock trusted in his own military abilities. Neither side expected anything short of complete victory.

Comparing the two sidesEdit

Glock purchased technology from Bismarck and Legless to prevent himself from being on a massive technological disadvantage. Bowswer5 then released the ArmCon Alpha Line right before the beginning of the war, resulting in Glock having the following disadvantages:

  • Smaller Armed Forces.
  • Less Advanced Armed Forces.
  • A smaller nation, both in terms of resources and economically.
  • A force that lacked a lot of capabilities compared to Bowswer5's such as a lack of nuclear attack submarines, limited satellite capabilities, etc.
  • A much younger Nation (10 years compared to around 120 years)

Bowswer5 had the following disadvantages compared to Glock:

  • On the Offense
  • Inferior Infantry
  • Inferior Electronic/Cyberwarfare.

The conditions of the betEdit

The conditions were:

  • No Allies (By that, this is a 1 v 1 duel between Glock and Bowser. No outside interference)
  • No WMD's.

Scorched stated that if Bowser lost the conventional war to Glock and proceeded to use WMD's on him in revenge then Israel would steamroll him.

E Chip modded the war with both participants being happy with the choice of the moderator.

First StrikeEdit

A Lengthy ForewordEdit

Bowswer began his war post, which was delayed by 50 pages, with five posts worth of introduction, explaining why he thought he should win and repeating the circumstances surrounding the war. Bowswer said that the war occurred using only technology that the two nations had on page 12, Glock had inadequate time to adjust to the Avalonian military technology, the Avalonian military technology was low quality, Glock has little industrial capability, Bowswer's military was generally better trained and funded, the attack should come as a surprise, and Glock's military spending was damaging his economy. After somehow spending five posts on this, the actual attack began,

The Actual AttackEdit

First, Bowswer embargoed Glock and blockaded the Strait of Gibraltar to prevent use of the it by Californian ships or ships going to California. 200,000 troops and an unknown number of land and air vehicles were sent to perform homeland security as coastal defenses were prepared and spy satellites performed "logistical support." A third of his entire navy was stationed at the Canary Islands and unknown cyber defensive protocols were instituted.

Bowswer then began cyber warfare operations. He tried to obtain military information through spy and cyber-warfare satellites. He ordered his intelligence agents to abduct and interrogate anyone who was a person of interest because of the data. He said that he would use his cyber warfare for scamming, credit card fraud and hacking into Californian accounts, but it was not states how cyber warfare would be used to scam and defraud. Bowswer also ordered for money to be embezzled from California’s investors to their government, but then change it to be embezzling to Meridia, with the intent that California would be blamed.

He then had 24 stealth bombers, with support from electronic warfare satellites, drop hundreds of JDAM’s with an EMP payload. All of Bowswer’s navy that was not in the Canary Islands was then sent to Southern California, going around South America. They were instructed to claim they were performing war games, but they were to carry an 800,000 invasion force. After the stealth bomber operation finished, they were to form a blockade and then bombard California, focusing on high value targets in major cities.


Glock interrupted Bowswer to object at this point. He said that Bowswer had only managed to get his war posts out on time because Glock had given him an extension and he used reserves. He also criticised Bowswer for Bowswer spent an entire post to discuss the length of the war, and five posts in an attempt to prove his superiority to Glock before the war began.

Bowswer said that his six post prelude was meant for the moderator, his use of reserves was acceptable, insulted Glock, said that his six post prelude was a “new approach to warring in NC,” insulted Glock more and discounted the importance of the extension that Glock gave earlier.

Back to BattleEdit

Bowswer returned to the naval battle, and instructed his fleets to engage the Californian navy, jam enemy systems, and be on alert for blips on their own radar. His navy had submarine defenses, command and control, cruise missile defense and aircraft carriers.

A propaganda campaign then began. Bowswer tried to incite a revolution in California among elements who were discontent with Californian military spending. The Meridian military was to run radio and television advertisements supportive of surrender to Meridia. Stealth aircraft were to drop several leaflets on to the population.

After this, the ground invasion was to begin. 300,000 men were to take Oxnard and then progress along Interstate 15. 300,000 were to land between San Diego and Oceanside and capture the area, secure the California-Mexico border and push north. 200,000 men were to take major cities. All groups were to have support from ground vehicles. He had aircraft with electronic warfare support conduct raids attack Californian airfields, defensive structures, aircraft and ground troops. He also ordered for paratroopers to attack various military structures and conduct guerilla warfare against supply lines.

Bowswer then ordered for conquered parts of California to be sectioned off. Any military groups in the sectioned area were to be engaged.

A Lengthy Afterword and Public OpinionEdit

Bowswer then spent over one post discussing the war after he had concluded all of his war posts. He said that he hoped the war would end tensions between him and Glock, thanked Pen for assisting him in writing the war and said that the reason the war was so long was to prove his equality to Glock in terms of military competence.

The other players then reacted to the post. Pen Par was impressed by the time taken to write the post, as well as the creativity. He thanked Bowswer for mentioning him in his afterword. Forum Lord was astonished by the detail. Legless thought it was a bit long and Glock chided Bowswer for his confidence.

Glock's CounterEdit

The PrologueEdit

Glock responded to Bowswer's first five posts using only one post. He said that he had done several economic projects, he had far more time to get used to the Avalonian technology than Bismarck claimed, his infantry was superior to Bowswer's, and Bowswer should never have made those posts because of bias within them. Omni interjected at this point to call Bowswer's posts spam.

Onto the DefenseEdit

Glock said that he would know that Bowswer was going to attack because of the embargo, and that the embargo would have little effect because their trade relations were minimal. He said that because he had purchhses Legless's cyber and electronic warfare, Bowswer's strikes using those would be futile. He asked how Bowswer's special operatives had conducted kidnapping operations and began his own hacking efforts.

Glock then used specialized radar systems to find Bowser's stealth bombers and SAM's and multiroles to destroy them. His electronic warfare was to counter Bowswer's. Glock revealed that his facilities were EMP-proofed. He then had a submarine find Bowswer's fleet and then fired anti-ship ballistic missiles at the lot of them. He then ordered forward air control, multiroles and destroyers to engage the remnants of the navy.

Glock also stated intent to locate the spies and shut them down via cyberwarfare. He issued propaganda to counter Bowswer's. He cited earlier beachheads projects regarding the land invasion. Glock begin establishing a defensive line and laying explosives. Civilians were evacuated and ground attack aircraft and attack helicopters were mobilized. Tank harassment groups were organized and artillery assaults began. He then shot at Bowswer's paratroopers.

For his aerial counter, Glock utilized AWACS and ground-based electronic warfare systems to gather information. Missiles, multiroles and air superiority craft engaged the Meridian air force as raids were carried on support aircraft behind Bowswer's lines. Glock referred to some things that he had gone over privately with Chip. Heavy machine guns and MANPADS systems engaged Bowswer's helicopters and Glock asked how Bowswer could even launch his aircraft because of the attack on his carriers. He instructed his forces to break Bowswer's barricade at a certain point if it was established.

The Ace of SpadesEdit

Glock now began his counter-attack against Bowswer. He sent his ASAT missiles against Bowswer's satellites. He ordered air superiority to be established and paratroopers to be sent in, with armored personal carriers and reconnaissance units to support them. Rigid-hulled inflatable boats dropped marines in to conduct guerrilla warfare against Bowswer's supply lines. UAV's and reconnaissance craft were to perform reconnoiter and high altitude and high temperature divisions fortified their positions.

More ArguingEdit

Pen argued against Glock's counter, saying that his counter-stealth should not be able to beat Bowswer's stealth because of technological advancement. He also claimed that Glock's anti-ship missiles could be neutralized by fairly standard techniques. He said that Glock could not have made preparations unless he could have known about the war beforehand, and said that Glock's tactics "sucked."

Glock dismissed Pen, who then said that the war moderation system was inherently biased to the defender. Glock told Pen to stay out of the war and then said that he could have made his preparations for the war because he could do anything that he liked with the war. Pen called it godmodding, but Glock denied it and again told Pen to stop arguing. Pen insisted that Glock only wanted him to stop arguing because he, Pen, was right. He again accused Glock of overpowering and threatened to get other players to complain.



E Chip was unhappy about the length of the war posts, but moderated it anyways. He began by reviewing Bowswer's strategy of war by litigation. He gave Bowswer half a point on Glock being able to handle the Avalonian technology, ruling that Glock could handle most of it. He was also given half a point on Glock's nation knowing of Bowswer's attack, but paranoia was given as a reason. He did agree with Bowswer on the relative strength of their economies. E Chip reviewed Glock's counter-litigation and responded to three of them.

E Chip concluded by saying that, "Rache's industrial complex and military haven't fully been modified to support Avalonian technology due to time constraints, but in the 9 years he's had to do it, a significant portion of his troops and facilities are capable of using said technologies. He does lack some of the military structures needed for more specialized maintenance, but considering that those types of things are primary targets for missile strikes, that is probably of little, if any, consequence."


Bowswer added a new item to his litigation strategy, namely that he had superior intelligence agencies. E Chip agreed that it would be significant, but then criticized his war by litigation strategy.

Bowswer then did even more litigation. He claimed that Legless's cyber warfare was mediocre and that Glock had purchased a low-grade version of it. He called the EMP proofing of military facilities by Glock godmodding.

Falling to PiecesEdit

E Chip then moderated the next few sections. Although the embargo and blockade were effective, all surprise was lost. His hacking efforts were also intercepted and blocked, and Glock had come very close to executing his counter-hack. Bowswer's stealth raids then failed as no tankers were sent to refuel them. E Chip then said that the EMP-proofing was highly effective and not godmodding.

Pen Par then argued against this, saying that Bowswer had military bases in Texas which he could have used. Bowswer further argued, saying that his spies should have got into California, Glock had poor cyber capabilities and that his stealth bombers would not need to refuel.

Glock then said that Bowswer's military bases in Texas would not be capable of housing 24 stealth bombers. Pen said that he could. Bowswer then spent five posts to say that non-EMP missiles were directed only at Glock's military, his extensive use of EMP missiles would negate the resistance, stealth bombers were undetectable to all radar, his cyber warfare was more advanced than Glock's, his bombs were precision, Glock was god-modding, Glock was being vague, EMP missiles would have nautralized all of Glock's missile launching capabilities, and cyber and electronic warfare could be used against any missile directed at him, and Glock used too much HFPE. It should be noted that Bowswer's posts on the subject had a condescending tone.

Glock countered, claiming that EMP's were not as effective as Bowswer claimed, he could have detected his stealth bombers, he had the more advanced cyber warfare, he never specified about the bombs, he was not god-modding, Bowswer was the one being vague, the HFPE was acceptable and the cyber and electronic warfare could not neutralize all of his missiles. It should be noted that Glock's posts had an equally condescending tone.

Bowswer countered, arguing that his cruise missile defenses would work just as well against ballistic missiles, Glock could not have traced his cyber warfare, Glock's radar stations were outdated, Legless had mediocre cyber warfare, his bombs did have a massive blast radius, his bombs killed no civilians, he could use cyberwarfare to divert a missile mid-flight, not all of Bowswer's satellites had been found, Glock was abusing HFPE, not publicizing his war preparations was against the rules, and he had every right to continue arguing if he was bored. Glock then stopped arguing, finding further arguing pointless.

Chip's OpinionEdit

E Chip then responded to all of the arguing thus far. He found that refueling would be needed for the stealth bombers, the stealth bombers could have been detected and destroyed, civilians were injured in the war and cyber warfare could not neutralize missiles.

Turning to Bowswer's operation, he asked how he could have moved the One-Ship Fleet, how he could have launched an amphibious operation of 800,000 men, and how people could have missed his upcoming invasion. E Chip was then astonished to learn that the One-Ship Fleet was literally the peninsula of Gibraltar.

After a break of many, many pages, the moderation resumed. The bombing raids were ineffective, as the bombers were forced to retreat due to advanced radar. Both Glock's and Bowswer's navies were still decimated, however. Further, most of Bowswer's land force was destroyed by artificial reefs and a lot of his aircraft were destroyed.

Bowswer argued at this point, saying that E Chip had mistaken exactly where his forces were. After a lot of arguing, it was finally decided that the war would have to be remoderated entirely. E Chip, not going to go through all of it again, procrastinated. When finally asked to moderate, he issued a summary judgment.

"In short, Bowswer's landing fleet is annihilated by artificial reefs, fast attack craft, and missile strikes. Bowswer's landing fleet is non-existent after the war, his carrier fleets have been reduced to shreds, the GIBRALTAR sunk, and his surface combatants lightly damaged. Meanwhile, California's infrastructure is massively damaged, destroying its economy and later causing the state to collapse. Not to mention the loss of strategic bombers during Onyx Mist. Bowswer's empire later suffers the same fate as the Spanish Empire."

Although both nations were defeated in the effort, Glock accomplished his objective of preventing Bowswer from landing. Thus, Glock won the initial wager, even if he lost the war.

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