Training regimeEdit

While the clones are still maturing, the below takes place.

Basic drills, physical conditioning, weapons training, psychological testing and conditioning, cybernetic implants training and maintenance of equipment.

Then there is the theory on military history and tactics. Participants are taught how to make their own tactics, what works and what doesn’t work and how to analyse a situation. These lessons are impossible to teach through the use of learning aids such as force fed. However, Force fed is used to assist in learning facts.

Finally comes Co-ordination training. Takes place mostly in VR simulations. This is developing our soldier’s ability to work together with our forces on a cluttered battlefield.

Year 1: Hostile environment training

6 months of this are spent in Yucatan training for jungle warfare. 3 months are spent training for air jumps and 3 months of survival training. Survival training consists of

  • Psychology of Survival
  • Survival Planning and Survival Kits
  • Basic Survival Medicine
  • Shelters
  • Water Procurement
  • Firecraft
  • Food Procurement
  • Survival Use of Plants
  • Poisonous Plants
  • Dangerous Animals
  • Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, Equipment
  • Desert Survival
  • Tropical Survival
  • Cold Weather Survival
  • Sea Survival
  • Expedient Water Crossings
  • Field-Expedient Direction Finding
  • Signalling Techniques
  • Survival Movement in Hostile Areas
  • Camouflage
  • Contact with People
  • Survival in Man-Made Hazards

Year 2: Continued hostile environment training

4 months are spent on Mountain training, 4 months are spent training in the wetlands of Loria, 4 months are spent in cold and dry training.

Year 3: Continued hostile environment training

4 months are spent on desert warfare; 4 months are spent in orbital warfare training including the “hot drop” and 4 months on aquatic training.

Year 4: Graduation and hostile environment training

9 months are spent on urban warfare training. 2 months are spent on counter-terrorism and escort duties. The last month involves 3 weeks of hellish physical drills and the last week is graduation. This new training regime is time intensive, but thanks to the updates in the cloning process, it will only take 9 years to gain the best trained force there is. During years 1-4 of the training, the clones are given enhancements that keep them fit for service for much longer than an average human. Our troops are capable of active duty for 30 years.

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