The International Olympic Committee is an organization based out of Arretium, Atlantis. The first Olympic Games run by the modern IOC were the Fourth Summer Olympics in Arretium, the first Winter Games were the Fourth Winter Olympics of Anchorage, in Arrentine.

Although the Olympics had occurred previously, the IOC organized them. Previously, Olympics had occurred on random dates, the IOC has since organized it, and the Olympics now occur annually in their respective season.

Host NationsEdit

Summer OlympicsEdit

  • Fourth Summer Olympics - Arretium, Atlantis

Winter OlympicsEdit

  • Fourth Winter Olympics - Anchorage, Arrentine

Hosting ProcessEdit

In order to sign up to host the Olympics, there are several required qualifications.

  • Must be on Earth
  • Can be a fictional city, but you must specify where it is
  • Be active for the period of your Olympics

The IOC will announce that nominations have begun to host the Olympics. Nations have four years (four days) to submit their nominations, after this a voting period begins, lasting another four years (four days). If there's a tie for first place, a tiebreaker round lasting two years (two days). If that does not solve it, the BoSS will have another two years (two days) to vote.

Note: You cannot vote for yourself.

The Olympic Games will begin four years after the final round of voting with the host player posting their Opening Ceremonies, prior to these, a torch run may be posted. The host player should post the results for at least two events per day until the completion of the Games. Results should always be randomized.

For example, during the Fourth Summer Olympics, all active nations were assigned a number. In a random number generator, the range of numbers were placed, and the results were recorded that way.

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