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The Imperial Armed Forces of Pacific Canada (IAFPC) is the universal military fighting force of the Empire of Pacific Canada. They get commands directly from the emperor and the supreme comander who control the military force together. With an extended training time and a more challenging training regimene, the IAFPC has become more advanced within the past few years.

The IAFPC is split into three branches, the Imperial Pacific Canadian Army, The Imperial Pacific Canadian Naval Force, and the Imperial Pacific Canadian Air Force. Split into divisions and sub-branches, the IAFPC focuses on several tasks. They sometimes carry out missions within their own borders to protect the people and the empire.

Naturally, the IAFPC also has a penalty and criminal system of its own to pass judgement unto soldiers of the Armed Forces that break rules.Those who break rules will be judged by the Board of Generals and will be charged with either minor or high treason, the equivalent of misdemeanors and felonies, respectively.

The ranking of the military follows in this order:

Recruit>Cadet>Private 3rd Class>Private 2nd Class>Private 1st Class>Corporal third class>Corporal 2nd Class>Corporal 1st class>Seargant>Gunnery Seargant>Staff Seargant>Master Seargant>Seargant Major>Seargant Major of the Army>Warant/Infantry Officer>2nd Lieutenant>1st Leutenant>Captain>Major Lieutenant>Colonel Lieutenant>Colonel>Brigadier General>Lieutenant General>Major General>General>High General/Admiral>Supreme Comander>Emporer


Pacific Ranger Corps

Special Pacific Canadian Forces

Pacific Canadian PeaceKeepers Corps

The Victor Special Task Force(In charge of reporting/Arresting Misbehaving Officers of the Military.)

Assault rifle by jimsvanberg

IPC fighter

Eve primae 01

IPC space force flag ship.

Helghast Varients



Unofficial flag of the military

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