What happens when NC is forced to do the Hunger Games

Days 1-26: Time Paradox.

Day 27: Wayne kills another animal, nobody has come after anyone yet.

Day 28: The audience spices things up with exploding flies.

Day 29(1): The Audience unleashes the apocalypse.

Day 29(2): Glock has reverse engineered the flies. They are now roaming the capitol.

Day 30: The Audience starts nuking things.

Day 31: Fallout 3.

Day 32: [REDACTED]

Day 33: Volc is still hiding in the arena.

Day 34: and there was cake, and every NC'er was present. Par Volc. Who was still hiding.

Day 35: The gamemasters flooded the arena. It's now a giant marsh.

Day 36: Volc leaves the arena, as Marshes suck.

Day 37(1): Glock emerges from the marsh as the thing from the black lagoon.

Day 37(2): Volc faces the executioner's block in the capitol.

Day 38(1): The Gamemasters face Volc's block.

Day 38(2): Kyr, Wayne, and Gnu have built the HELLicarrier.

Day 39: the HELLicarrier gets stuck in the marshy terrain

Day 40(1): Scotty informs us it will take a week to fix.

Day 40(2): After killlng the Gamemasters, Volc retreats to space.

Day 41: New gamemasters are hired

Day 42: Everyone wins. Except Omni, who is left to die.

Day 43: They lied. So did the cake.

Day 44: GLaDOS releases the neurotoxin.

Day 45: Kyr bioengineers a cure.

Day 46: Testing/bring your daughter to work day begins

Day 47(1): Volc is still sitting in a small, undergroung moonbase.

Day 47(2): The gamemasters set fire to parts of the forest.

Day 48: Teran becomes god, with Scorched as his prophet, and Lord Teran spoke, and there was Starcraft.

Day 49: Nothing interesting happened.

Day 50: Glock unleashes WW6...again.

Day 51: The Apocalypse has been averted.

Day 52: Pen rejoins, under the guise of the Doctor from Doctor Who.

Day 53: Mage overthrows Pen and becomes the Doctor.

Day 54: We discover the Doctor's name by accident. Glock decides to weaponize it.

Day 55: Eno overthrows magery somehow.

Day 56: Pen accidentally kills Farma.

Day 57: Eno and Magery bitch like a married couple.

Day 58: Wayne and Kyr become sentient cheese for a recorded ten seconds. 70% of the world's population is destroyed.

Days 58-68: Nothing interesting happened.

Day 69(1): A Female Finally Joins NC again.

Days 69(2): Unspeakable things happened.

Day 70: Bis becomes NC's Pimp.

Day 71: NC becomes Bis' Pimp, and Omni and Farma rise from the dead.

Day 72(1): The Kraken consumes the universe. Endgame.

Day 72(2): The female leaves.


Day 74: Fez returns.

Day 75: All of NC Merges.

Day 76: Merge ends, and things go back to normal.

Day 77: Scorched returns from AFK'ing.

Day 79: Scorched reveals that he is Buddha.

Day 80: Scorched falls asleep...mid-battle.

Day 81: By some miracle, Eno's still alive.

Day WHO THE FUCK CARES ANYMORE?: Glock is finally killed.

Day 85: Scorched actually does something.

Day 90: We skipped the last 9 days.

Day 91: Volc leaves his moon bunker, takes one look outside, and re-enters it.

Day 92: the HELLicarrier is repaired.

Day 93: Volc rejoins the NC Crew, and the moon promptly explodes after his departure.

Day 95(1): Wayne leaves NC and makes a new game.

Day 95(2): Super comes out of hiding. We skipped 94, because day 94 was bad.

Day 96: This is still the same day rotated 180 degrees.

Day 97: Was Christmas. We had eggnog. Wayne's was alcoholic.

Day 99: Super returns to hiding.

Day 101: People actually learned something from NC. Chaos ensues.

Day 102: A New world order ruled by Chip is set up.

Day 103: the New World Order is overthrown by Djinn.

Day 104: Djinn disappears.

Day 106: CYOC and NC Happen for real.

Day 107: Glock kills Pen. This time for real.

Day 108: -snip-

Day 109: Super steps on a landmine.

Day 110: Catpocalypse.

Day 111: The Alpacalypse.

Day 112: And there was hats.

Day 113: And they were good.


Day 115: Everyone has sore throats from screaming.

Day 116: Sweet Home Alabama.

Day 117: Memorial Day for the Master Chief.

Day 118: When are we going to cut this?

Day 119: Living Under a Paper Moon

Day 120: *cuts endless string of days*

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