The Hunger (Feredir)Edit

611px-Glados humaneye

The SEPuLchURE system's interactive major diode.

The third side of the triangle. The Hunger describes the thirst that all sentient races have for knowledge and betterment. However, it takes another, grimmer, meaning in the Theory of Eergos.

Through development of 'Strange Technology', the Eergos will be able to consume all things. Energy, Matter, and even Souls.

But in reaching these levels, a powerful mind will be created. The great SEPuLchURE system is designed to regulate, rule, and protect Eergos. It is true that: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." The SEPuLchURE will become 'Corrupted', and begin to Hunger... Hunger for more power, more technology, more souls.

Thus all hell shall break loose.

The only thing known to be able to at least slow the SEPuLchURE system is the Wardens of the Fourth Wall. Let us hope they are always able to catch it in time.

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