The Great War
Date 2178 - Present
Location North America, Parts of Asia, Europe
Result N/A

Offensive: Mediterranean Confederacy

Defensive: NATO (Canada, Bormeatri, United Kingdom, Game Kingdom, Alpine Empire)

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:


Defense Leaders:

Ninja, Bormeatri, Pen Par, Gnuispir8, Olaf


Offensive: A whole lot.

Defensive: Pretty large.

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: 0

Civilian Casualties: 0

Military Casualties: 500 (So far)

Civilian Casualties: 0

The Great War is a war unfolding between NATO and the Mediterannean Confederacy, the NPC superpower made by Kyr.


The start of the war was during an attack by Canada against the Alpine Empire, the superpower destroyed many vehicles in the Canadian Navy and Air Force, this was the start of what will be a long, long war.

The United Kingdom, Canada, Game Kingdom, Bormeatri and the Alpine Empire quickly formed NATO and began trying to get support from many NPC nations.

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