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The Minowara symbol, the Official flag of Naromi

The Fiefdom of NaromiEdit


Naromi always had a culture just like Feudal Japan, few scholars suggest that Naromians were transported to Earth by some other alien race or the other way around. Naromi takes up more than half of the Planet. All the land is divided up into fiefs or provinces each belonging to a particular Daimyo or Lord that controls and keeps order. This way more organization is kept among the people and government.

The Minowara ShogunateEdit


Yoshi Minowara the current Shogun

Naromi is ruled by a line that has been lasting for centuries, The Minowara. A family believed to be the descendants of the Gods. The present day Shogun, Yoshi Minowara came to power after his father died of old age 5 years ago.


One of the many Naromi Geisha that roam Mishima castle.

The Ashikaga Imperial throneEdit

The Emperor or the Throne itself holds little to no value since the Emperor holds no political power at all. All the Emperor does that is actually politically significant is grant somone Shogun. Legally one must be granted Shogun by the Emperor before one can be Shogun

Mishima the CapitalEdit


Mishima castle, home of the Minowara Shogunate.

Mishima is the Capital of all Naromi and rightfully so it is the biggest city in all of the Planet and stands in the center of the Fiefdom. The heart of the nation, it houses both the Minowara Shogunate and the Ashikaga imperial throne.


Honor guard

Members of the Shoguns honor guard.

A Military in Naromi usually depends on what kind of Daimyo controls it. If the Lord is well known for skills in the way of the bow then the Army would be preferrably bow and arrow soldiers. Each army is a reflection of the Lord that controls it. The Shoguns military is rightfully the largest in the Fiefdom. Comprised of almost all Samurai but little Ashigaru.

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