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Entente Flag

Flag of the Ententé

The Ententé is a a number of nations working together, trying to help mankind move forward, by bringing advanced technology, peace by all means, diplomacy and free trade. The Ententé is, however, opposed to anyone trying to undermine mankind's flaws, and taking advantage of them.

The Ententé's motto is "Valar Dohaeris", which reflects their desire to serve the world and make it a better place.



3 Leaders of the Ententé. Guess who.

The Ententé are a band of the largest, wealthiest and strongest nations in the known world. Most of these nations fought against the Israeli Empire, who at the time was a threat to international security, and simply put, a tyrant to all nations.

These nations, which are now members of the Ententé, fought and defeated the Israeli scourge, and later decided to ensure all mankind would exercise their newly found freedoms, and live in peace and harmony.

Generally helpful towards most nations still behind, this alliance of sorts became official when a group of less economically developed countries (LEDCs) started, unofficially, trying to undermine every effort to keep the world at peace, and develop the world. These nations began hostility (politically) against the Holy Empire of Avalon, Casponia, Vasari Empire, and the SR Canada. Later, allied nations joined these three nations to form the Ententé Alliance.

Aims and MissionsEdit

The member nations of the Ententé Alliance has always followed several missions, for the betterment of mankind. These include:-

  • Peace and stability.
  • Foreign aid to less economically developed countries, who work for their citizen's lives, rather than their own selfish goals.
  • Counter-terrorism (worldwide)
  • Research and development of technologies that help improve the average civilian's living conditions.
  • Free Trade
  • Democracy

Member NationsEdit

NC Entente Map

Members of the Entente Alliance.

Avalon - BismarckEdit

By far the most advanced nation in the known world. Has a very powerful and stable economy, has very advanced technology, has the largest standing military, and has complete and utter force projection capabilities.

Casponia - LeglessEdit

The second most powerful nation in terms of economy and military, but probably the first in certain fields of technology, living standards, education and other such things. The gap between Avalon and Casponia is very narrow. A very capable and powerful nation.

Daemonica - Forum LordEdit

Not much is known about this nation. Very diplomatic, good technology, and a very stable economy. Even those against the Ententé respect this peaceful nation, who does nothing but improve living standards. A very merciful and patient nation. Even during wars, has displayed mercy to those who surrendered even after causing lots of trouble for the nation. Their diplomatic ways must not be taken for weakness, however. They can put a big fight whenever and wherever needed.

SR Canada - FarmaEdit

The Socialist Republic of Canada is a very influential regional power with improving military and very high economic standards. It does not do much militaristic-wise as it tends to be a peaceful/neutral nation; it lacks the vital military strength that the other countries in the Ententé do.

Vasari Empire - Pen ParEdit

The Vasari Empire is an emerging power. It has perhaps one of the most advanced space fleets (in terms of offensive, defensive and support capabilities). Has a rather proven armed forces too, as displayed during the Dark Crusades, when the Empire fought bravely and hardly against the Israeli armed forces, when they were still a mere LEDC. The Vasari Empire initially prefers trading with other nations, planets and moons, rather than charging into war. However, they're not afraid to take up arms, and join their comrades when the need arises. Over-all, can be compared to Great Britain, trying to increase trade, and get one of the best space forces (if not the very best) to protect their trade.

The Imperium - Omni1Edit

A small space-based nation around 3,000 light-years from Earth. They top their category, which is, alas, third world. They are the weakest nation in the Entente, but they still throw vast funding into research, specifically FTL research, which it hopes to share with the other nation. They also have an entire Avalonian Fleet in their solar system as something of a shield, and largely sycophantic to Avalon.

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