The Commonwealth of Kentucky is Super's second and current nation in NC Spacebattles IV. Its territory includes the Bluegrass Planet, a green, hilly ocean-less world based on Kentucky. In fact, the entire nation was so lazily written because Super is from Kentucky and wanted to play NC but was too busy at the time to write anything creative.

Kentucky entered the world stage in 2565 and quickly made an alliance with Secordia (Emps). This alliance few apart after only a few years due to the conclusion by an international organization that Secordia's government was responsible for the death of an official from the nation FAMINE (Lantern).

Years later, war broke out between FAMINE and Nekodia (lilninjabro6). Kentucky mobilized its military and 25% of the total starship count to send to defend Nekodia's homeworld, but before they saw any action, FAMINE's forces were distracted in the initial battle by the unexpected arrival of the Hoogan fleet, who decimated FAMINE's homeworld and forced them into surrendering to Nekodia. Kentucky received tech developments and a star system that FAMINE had colonized in the treaty.

It was around this time that Kentucky made public it had found three of its own star systems and initiated the colonization of them. Uses for the systems are limited to military bases and mining operations, as no worlds in them are naturally habitable.

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