The Cold War is a major event currently occurring in NC: Spacebattles. It is a state of political and military tension beginning after the Quisling War, between the MHAN powers, (primarily Remyria and the Ishvalan Empire) and those of the GPNA (primarily United Alaska, Sumarra and Britannia).

Events of the Cold War Edit

The Quisling War Edit

The Quisling War was a war fought between Britannia and the Ishvalan Empire in 2193. During the war, most of the British space fleet was decimated and numerous civilians were killed. While neither nation was a member of a major alliance, this war likely lead to the foundation of both MHAN and the GPNA

Coalition Against the Ishvalan Empire Edit

The Coalition Against the Ishvalan Empire is the informal name for a secret alliance between Sumarra, Britannia and (then) New Alaska, and potentially Aqarian. The informal alliance existed from 2194 to 2207. The goal was primarily retaliation for the Quisling War.

Forming of MHAN Edit

The formation of MHAN in 2207 created a rather intimidating three nation alliance. The alliance was exclusive to Metahumans, thus cutting off several nations, many vocal opponents of the Ishvalan Empire after the war. It effectively ended the attack in planning against the Ishvalan Empire.

Forming of the GPNA Edit

The formation of the GPNA, or the Galactic Prosperous Nation's Alliance, in 2219 formally created the second primary power of the Cold War. The alliance was devoted to prosperity as a goal, and originally consisted of New Alaska, Britannia, and Sumarra. The UGM and Aqarian later joined. The criteria for membership is open, however joining nations must be invited first- which led to the rejection of the Reiver's request to join in 2222, as they were not invited (although they were let in as an observer). This action clarified the two opposing groups.

The Inexplicable War Edit

The Inexplicable War was a war fought between Aqarian and MHAN, following their sudden departure from the GPNA. The exact goals of Aqarian are unknown. The war resulted in a minor Aqarian defeat and worsened relations between MHAN and the GPNA.

The Brewing War Edit

The Brewing War was a war fought between LAST and the GPNA. Although LAST is not a member of MHAN, they declared war for the Ishvalan Empire, who they believed was unfairly treated by Britannia. United Alaska also declared war, but peace was declared before fighting began.

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