The Clustertruck War occurred in Spacebattles IV. It involved the nations of FAMINE (Lantern), who was assisted by Das Kaiser Reich (Emps) and Ad Astra (Timbs), who fought against Nekodia (Ninja), who was assisted by Kentucky (Super) and mercenary forces from the CCC (Magery) and Eissaux Sekheiss (Mek). It is notable for being the largest war in the Spacebattles era of Nation Creation if counting the number of warring parties.


In 2586, the entire senate and upper leadership of the AI nation of FAMINE was bombed, and evidence discovered at the scene pointed to Nekodia being the perpetrator. Upon learning of this, Nekodia denied involvement in the attack but arranged a pre-emptive strike on Nekodia's home planet and four colonies anyway, expecting an attack. At this time, Ad Astra and Das Kaiser Reich pledged support to Famine. Meanwhile, Kentucky, who had good relations with both FAMINE and Nekodia, underwent a military coup, and subsequently sent ships to help defend Nekodia in case of a counter-attack after the first battle.

Complexity IntensifiesEdit

The initial battle went well for Nekodia at first, but the unexpected arrival of the Hoogan (Djhaas) changed the battle significantly. Hoogan forces combated both sides, and after the Hoogan decided to bombard he home planet of FAMINE and kill over 80% of the population, Nekodian forces left to defend their home planet. Much of the FAMINE fleet escaped destruction and fled to FAMINE's colonies. A peace treaty was signed between FAMINE and Nekodia and Kentucky, giving both nations control of a FAMINE colony and half a percentage of GDP. The war between FAMINE and the Hoogan continued as other nations joined the war end the Hoogan threat, and eventually they were defeated.


Both FAMINE and the Hoogan suffered severe damage as a result of the fighting, with both nations' home planets virtually destroyed. Nekodia and Kentucky formed a military alliance after the war, and have been unaffiliated with other alliances ever since.


The war was so complicated that it caused a backlog in game time for several pages. It is considered the largest war in the NC Spacebattles era in terms of number of combatants, which at the time was all but four active player nations (although most involved played minor support roles). The war, which was the first in NCSBIV, had a lasting effect on the international politics, and several smaller wars occurred in the years following.

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