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Church of Okra Statistics






Evolution, Monotheism, Forgiveness, Equality

The Church of Okra is a Colombian religion that believes in the theory of macroevolution and the existence of a single reincarnated god known as Okra. Adherents to the teachings of Prophet Edgar, the main human in the religion, do not accept 'racism and discrimination in any form.'

For reasons unknown, the religion is quickly spreading across Colombia. Most followers live in or near Bogotá, but this is projected to change in the near future. Plans have also been made to construct temples to Okra in places besides Colombia.

'Equal treatment' is also a dominant idea in the religion and is 'enforced' by followers of Okra every Saturday, which is considered a holy day. 'The Teachings of Edgar' servces as the primary religious text.

One of the primary teaching on the religion is that, no one no matter what they believe should be treated equal.This being one of the primary teachins, it is heavily enforced during every temple day(Saturday).The holy book of the religion, is named:The Teachings of Edgar, and is based heavily around forgiveness and equality among all.

Laws of the religion include unconditional forgiveness of both civil and criminal cases, 'loving and respecting' everyone, not committing murder, seeking a 'diplomatic solution' wherever possible, 'allowing everybody to pursue their desires,' not being biased and 'believing in yourself.'

The followers of Okra believe Oprah is one of the seven reincarnations of Okra, and that her ability to bring people of all groups together and to be a people person are the gifts of a reincarnation.

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