The Brewing War
Date 2279
Location Britannia, LAST
Result Status quo

Offensive: LAST

Defensive: Britannia, United Alaska

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:

Eno Remnant

Defense Leaders:

Ninja, Super


Offensive: 80 Venturer-class Frigates, 40 Destroyers, 20 Player-class Cruisers (British)

Defensive: Unknown

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: None

Civilian Casualties: None

Military Casualties: None

Civilian Casualties: None

The Brewing War was a war declared by LAST against Britannia in 2279 in response to a letter sent to the Ishvalan Empire by Britannia. United Alaska immediately answered the British call to arms. Peace was declared very quickly.

Peace Edit

As part of the peace deal, Britannia retracted their statements and sent an apology to the Ishvalan Empire. LAST apologized for their unreasonable actions.

Aftermath Edit

The brief war did not solve anything. The Ishvalan-British rivalry continues despite the peace deal, with threats still being exchanged immediately afterwards. Many interstellar nations completely changed their view of the LAST, which wasn't allied with the Ishvalans and didn't have anything personal against Britannia, for their startling declaration in response to typical British-Ishvalan banter.

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