In July 2014, Super decided to revive Nation Creation. Several players join in the first few hours, and the game looked to be successful after nearly a year of no Nation Creation. However, 21 hours after the thread was created, Forum Moderator Autumn Star posted the following:


And just like that, NC was banned from the RuneScape forums for being too similar to CYOC. Another Forum Moderator, Twillow, locked the old NC threads to keep us from using them, completely ignoring the fact that NC, CYOC, and other similar games had coexisted for years without moderator intervention. Appeals were made to Jagex to reverse the locks, but Jagex did not respond or didn't care.

Later in September, Ninja tried again to revive the game, explaining clearly the differences between NC and CYOC, but to no avail.

The game this very website was named after is gone forever... oh shit, wait, no, it's back with NC: Spacebattles Edition!

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