The Arrentinian Hierarchy is another form of Arrentine, such to be in an alternate universe, being used in the Nation Creation game. The only difference in the Arrentinian Hierarchy is the government, history, and economics. Below is a brief history of The Hierarchy.


The Arrentinian Hierarchy was found in Arrentine Major, and quickly established control over the continent in the First Era of Arrentinian history. Unlike the Kingdom of Arrentine (Pre-CYOC History of Arrentine), the Hierarchy did not lose any wars an quickly established and took over many of the rivals nations. By 1900's, The Hierachy had controled 75% of all land masses and was staging war for global conquest. By the 1970's the Hierachy was in space and establishing global control over the people of Arrentine. By 2009, the Hierarchy was sending out people to establish a colony presence on Earth. The colony would take hold in Africa after the Arrentinian people quickly took over control of the country of Kenya in a peaceful election promising development. The Hierarchy soon lost contact with the Earth Colony, but plans to establish connection are under way.

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