The Allies is a faction present in World War 3.
Allies flag

The flag of the allies. The smaller stars represent the individual members of the alliance while the central star represents their much greater combined power.

At the time of the Allies formation, they were composed of the weaker nations in NC. They co-operate well on a number of issues and are currently led by Quill. Current allied players are Quill, Volcano, Rp, Bowser, Fuzzles, Live, Wane and Marge



The allies have 3 main aims

-Stopping of aggression towards the members of the organization.

-Limiting Entente power, which is viewed as corrupted.

-Maximum growth for alliance members.

Not done yet, will finish later-Quill.


Allied Co-Operation Edit

Economical Edit

• To prevent foreign influence we will place limits that no more than 30% of a member’s economy can be due to foreign sources, with only 10% being allowed of non-allies.

• We will have a FTA between all members.

• We will encourage foreign allied companies to invest in our economies up to that 30% quota

• We will all place at least a 20% tariff on Axis goods entering our lands.

Technological Edit

Co-operation on:

  • The RMG line
  • Electronic/cyber warfare
  • Energy sources
  • FTL
  • Gravity Research
  • Bio-engineering
  • Shielding
  • Conventional weaponry (Energy weapons, Coilguns, Missiles, Explosives, Etc)
  • Conventional defenses (Armour and countermeasures)
  • Detection
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics/AI
  • Cybernetics
  • Colony Kit
  • Industrial technologies


  • NATDIS (HFPE: This is a project to develop Earthquake technology and Weather Control. According to scorched this will take 30 years)
  • Static
  • Unconventional weaponry (Chemical weapons etc)
  • Stealth/espionage
  • All current technological knowledge is combined and we co-operate on the RMG line.

Military Edit

  • Access to each other’s military facilities
  • Shared intelligence networks
  • All members will be able to buy the most advanced RMG Tech, and they only have to pay 85% of the regular price (Which is the price I have to pay)
  • Forces regularly conduct battle training
  • The construction of an advanced early warning network around all of our planets.


Molotov Solution - Corpus Imperium HQ04:19

Molotov Solution - Corpus Imperium HQ

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