Terran Orbital Authority

Home Planet


Capital City

Crater City, Luna

Largest City

Crater City, Luna

Official Language(s)

Mandarin, Russian

Government Type


Current Leader

Director Daniel Umberto


300 million

Economy Type

Market Economy


Terran Pound


3 Trillion Jovian Credits

Per capita

10,000 Jovian Credits per Capita



The Terran Orbital Authority is a major NPC that controls Luna and the space around Earth. Originally created to distribute the wealth of space evenly, it has morphed into a corrupt corporatocracy. Several times it has attempted to conquer the JIF and CoD.

History Edit

The TOA began as an international authority modelled on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that was established by treaty in 2040. It was given the power to raise taxes and fees, issue debt, create and operate infrastructure, regulate activities, operate propellant depots, preserve the environment, encourage scientific exploration, provide rescues, resolve disputes and to work with private entities to develop the solar system. Inspired by modern corporations, the TOA has a board of directors that set policy and appoint the chief executive. Board members are appointed by members nations with a 10-year term.

In the first 9 years of operation, the TOA had to be funded by member states until the first Lunar helium processing facility opened. After this, it was self-sustaining.

However, over the next few decades, it gradually became more powerful and more corrupt until it had domination over the entire solar system. The JIF’s independence in 2105 led to the organisation sinking even lower. By the time the CoD had gained independence it was the biggest hive of scum and villainy in known space.

It has a reputation for causing acts of espionage/sabotage amongst enemy nations, with utter disregard for sentient life. However, not even the TOA will use WMDs against civilian targets. It is fiercely anti-metahuman with pogroms carried out every few years.

Military Edit

The TOA navy operates the largest number of warships of any nation, but they are considerably less advanced than the JIF warships and poorly constructed.  

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