The Temyrians are a species of psychic vampiric meta-humans found within Remyria. They were originally created by the italians, along with their sister race the gremorians upon which they feed for sustenance.

History Edit

Originally engineered by a group of internationally-sponsored Italian scientists in 2065, and named after the lead geneticist, Doctor Frederick Temor, they quickly were being "mass produced" by the Italians, and later other nations, and began mating. They were first intended to function as special military units designed to perform CQB infiltration and assassinations, but quickly grew into their own mental capacity, and as such were no longer suitable for this purpose. The Italians, being their original creators, were given the responsibility of keeping them under control. Rather than extinguish them, intended for them to serve as a monument for the first completely new species produced by humankind, and as such developed the Gremorians for them in 2070, so Temyrians no longer had to feed off of humans to avoid illness. Their primary population center afterwards was in a specially made district in Florence, Italy, though a few spread around to other countries, to varying degrees of acceptance.

Biology Edit

The Temyrians are a tall, physically imposing race of psychic vampires. With a height averaging around 7'1", and an average weight of a healthy human around that height, they are considered some of the best basketball players in the universe.

While looking mostly like a human, they have a tail, shaped like that of a stereotypical "devil" in human mythology, which they use to feed off of the mental energy of other sentient/sapient species by latching it onto their heads or necks, or other area close to their brains. Doing so renders the victim comatose for up to a week and a half and sustains the Temyrian for about a week if done normally. Temyrians can, infact, overfeed, though this is a rare occurance. Overfeeding either renders the victim comatose indefinitely, which they may or may not recover from, and may result in death.

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