Drawing taken of a Supanija

Supanijas are an alien species that was discovered and named by Sumarra in NC Spacebattles within a vast obsidian monolith on the planet Resurgam. They were successfully resurrected using advanced mind-scanning and genetic technology in the year 2215. Currently only Sumarra and the Reivers are aware of their existence. . 


Their homeworld was another planet within the Resurgam system, which was destroyed by warring factions using relativistic weaponry. Despite their advanced grasp of propulsion systems, their spacefaring efforts were curiously underdeveloped.

The obsidian monolith was developed by this group who predicted that the wars that consumed their once idyllic planet would grow and grow in intensity. They wanted to leave a reminder that something great once existed here. When they discovered their planet was destroyed they activated the WOW signal and committed suicide.

6,899 corpses were found within an obsidian monolith on the planet Resurgam. With assistance from the Reivers, Sumarra successfully resurrected the extremely well preserved corpses and scanned their brain structures to allow them to duplicate their minds. 5,849 individuals were successfully resurrected. 


The supanijas are a carbon based lifeform, however they cannot process most terran foodstuffs and have to rely on food stocks grown from preserved pollen grains. 

They are humanoid only in the very loosest sense of the term. Most are approximately 1.7m tall/ A bulbous head encircled by eight small eyes and capped by large, pointed ears flows into a light, muscular frame. Dozens of tentacles protrude fro the creature's head. Great wings spread from the creature’s back, and a long tail with an expandable wing of its own provides stabilization while in flight.


The name Supanija originates from a portmanteau and corruption of super and ninja, two players lsuv was friendly with and who had recently quit NC. 

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