This is a narration of the Stellar Empires thread, now inactive due to numerous changes that required a full restart.

This is an "abbreviated" version of the thread.

Pages 1-50Edit

Pages 1-15Edit

(Note: The actual thread had not begun yet; people were simply setting up.)

The first four pages of the thread were Glock's reserves for the game. This was followed by Glock in Argentina and South Africa as the Third Southern Reich. Omni started as The Watchers, a cold-loving, superintelligent alien species with significant land around New Haven's north pole (The Northern Continent.) Vrangr Wayne joined as the nanobot-android Earos on Fira Prime, starting in a continent called Eersa half the size of Australia. Forum joined as the Empire of Time, its population consisting of the long-lived Khazrali. He started on the Australia-sized Southern Continent.

Omni wrote his list of research projects. While I cannot remember the exact specifications, they were quite underpowered compared to the deluge of points that would come later.

Gnuispir joined as the New United States, a country with multiple states in what is today the Southwest US.

The thread was then officialy launched, and activity spiked.

Volcano joined as the Kra'lyr on Yellowstone and proceeded to start a series of projects. These projects were much longer than Omni's, but they also gave more points. Djinn started on Sahara. Volcano wrote more projects after Omni started a bunch of projects.

Forum then posted his project list, which consisted of cycle projects. These violated the 1 point=1 year rule and operated in cycle. Omni accused him of making bullshit projects, as Glock had voided continuous projects. Glock replied by saying it was something different entirely. Omni's response was to write up a HUGE list of extremely overpowered projects that cycled constantly and dumped massive amounts of points. He would pay for his insolence later on.

Volcano started some more projects. but not nearly as many as Omni. Unlike his past projects, these all completed in 10 years or less, making him a serious player sometime in the near future. Omni began to take notice, so he started even more projects than before as a response.

Glock then announced a conference between all player nations. Omni and Wayne signed up to appear.

Volcano then made more projects in response to Omni, who did the same in return.

Scorched started as the Imperium Solis on Fira Prime, and Fen signed up as The Imperial Empire of Numen on Yellowstone.

Finishing out this section, Omni announced his goal to process and eat all kittens as a method of fucking with Forum.

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