General InfoEdit

States Through Time is the new version of Feudal Lords, continuing after the name Feudal Lords was retired after 16 threads of game play.

Due to Sith's college life, ownership of STT has now been transferred to 123xyz8. I

aim to keep the history of the current game on this site. From the starting of time to end game, I will do my best to keep track of the events. A map(hopefully will be kept up to date) of land owned in STT will be ke


STT Map Last Updated: 11/2/2011

History of STT Game 1Edit

Beginning of the Game(Bronze - Greek Age)Edit

Late Beginning/Early Middle of the Game(Rome-Crusades)Edit

MIddle/Late Middle - Early Modern(Post Black Death- Manifest Destiny)Edit

Middle Modern(Civil War - Cold War)Edit

Modern(Modern-Exo Solar)Edit

End Game(Hyperspace - End Game)Edit

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