StarMade is a voxel graphic sandbox game currently in Alpha which can be found at

The game is best explained as a cross between the games Minecraft and EVE Online.

Current ProjectsEdit


ALS 1591 Grave's ResolveEdit

The Grave's Resolve is a work-in-progress battlecruiser, built for both show and performance. The ship's notable features will be a 4 sets of SD-BB missile launchers on the sides of the craft, made up of ~2500 blocks apiece. In addition to primary AMC's spread throughout the frontal segment of the ship, current designs will include a pulser-powered "railgun" as a central weapon. (Note: This weapon is currently not confirmed, as it is too eratic in current testing)

Additional features:

-Engine core/reactor

-AI matrix/room

-Numerous shield generators

-Primary bridge

-Captian's quarters

-Science lab

-A few crew quarters

-A bar

Current specs(8/30/13):

Length: 244m

Width: 92m

Height: 44


Energy: 13,617,183/13,617,183, 1,047,813 regen per second

Shields: 385571, 8262 recharge

Armament: 1 prototype pulser railgun, 1 x1000 SD-BB missile port

Hangar Capacity: Two scout-style craft.


Cube FighterEdit

A fast attack craft design that is quite literally just a cube. I'ts not meant to be asthetically pleasing, it's meant to be quite functional. The outer layer consists of hardened hull and AMCs, with a cockpit in the center of the front face. The core rests in the very middle of the cube.

Length/Width/Height: 9m each

Energy: 20692.9, 8741.2 e/sec

Thrust: 187.1

Shields: None

Armament: 8 9x1 AMCs with a 25, 5, 70, 0 stat distribution. This provides a high rate of fire and decent damage output. The stat distribution leads to 80 damage, 330 distance, 353.4 reload, and 15 speed.

Escort BomberEdit

My first uploaded design. Essentially, it carries a decent number of missile systems to cause massive damage to enemy fighters and capital ships.



A larger ship that is in the works. This too will be uploaded to the site. The only current specs I can give are that it will be about 60x20x40 (LxHxW), and that it will carry missiles as its primary weaponry, with a few small AMCs for destroying light shields.

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