Suspected picture of Siam Meow eating a watermelon.

Siam Meow is a strange and almost paradoxial entity that has permeated every niche of every CYOC-genre thread that has ever been and has ever been.

He is known to have controlled multiple nations on NC and CYOC, but is best known for running EAW into the sky and immediately following, into the ground, in which he quit and restarted a nation three times under a leader of the same name.

He is best known for choosing a relatively underused concept and then sticking to it until it gets himself utterly destroyed - for instance, automated flying guns in the form of gutted TIE fighters for NC, gigantic immovable fortresses that were nearly indestructible (but unfortunately had no anti-air capabilities whatsoever and so were bombed to death) in EAW, and various other batshit insane schemes.

He has disappeared from threads various times but has recently started to make mysterious appearances in the NCWiki chat.

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