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Clue Ending 3Edit

“Very good, now disable the engines, and step away from the controls,” said Greere, motioning at the pilot with his blaster.

The pilot nodded meekly and shuffled towards the other passengers, shaking. Ronalds patted him on the shoulder, while Ms. Grey said, “There, there,” her voice cracking. The group was huddled in the centre of the cabin, all of them staring down the barrell of Greere’s blaster.

“You can’t possibly expect this to work!” exclaimed Torres. The colonel, a huge, imposing man, was fuming - he knew that there was no way he would be able to reach the pirate before he was shot.

“Of course I expect it to work. In thirty seconds, we will dock with my ship. I will bring aboard the evidence - I must thank you for gathering it all, now there are no loose ends between us. You will all go about with your lives, and I will receive deposits from all of you on the twenty-first, as always.”

“Wh- what about me?” The taxi pilot’s voice was shaking.

“You’re useless to me.” 

Greere casually looked down at the control panel, and froze, a look of shock on his face.

“That isn’t my ship.”

“No, it isn’t,” said the pilot, his voice suddenly firm. From within his coat he drew a blaster, pointed it at Greere, and fired. The bolt struck him in the chest dead-centre, and the blackmailer fell to the ground, a look of shock on his face. A similar look of shock, present on the face of every passenger, followed the pilot to the other side of the room, where he toggled the door control.

Into the room burst a cadre of stormtroopers that pounced upon the half-dozen passengers, all of whom were too stunned to resist. The pilot holstered his blaster and looked around, “Where’s the director?”

Another man strode into the cabin, further magnifying the surprise of the passengers - it was the scruffy valet clerk, now clean-shaven and flanked by two NDS agents. He adjusted his wide-brimmed hat and tapped his walking cane on the ground, surveying the scene. 

“Good work, Millsworth.”

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