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Second Quados-Bormeatri War
Date 2102-Present
Location Quados and Bormeatri
Result N/A

Offensive: Quados, Atlantis State, Dieppe State

Defensive: Bormeatri, United Islands, Zagreb

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:

President Ninja

Defense Leaders:

Prime Minister Bormeatri


Offensive: 180,000

Defensive: 75,000

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: N/A

Civilian Casualties: N/A

Military Casualties: N/A

Civilian Casualties: N/A

The Second Quados-Bormeatri War was the second war between Quados and Bormeatri. It occurred in 2104 (1402 on Demeter ), after Bormeatri began placing missiles along the Demilitarized Zone along the Quados-Bormeatri border created after the first war.


In 2008 (1338 on Demeter), the Lumen Party rose to power in Bormeatri. After the failed invasion of Solaro, Quados, the United Islands, Atlantis State, Solaro and Dieppe State declared to war against Bormeatri and Zagreb, the only ally of Bormeatri.

The war lasted four bloody years, and ended with the nuclear bombing of Lowland, Bormeatri by Quados. After the end of the war, a demilitarized zone between Bormeatri and Quados was created, in order to defend both nations and prevent another attack.

Course of the WarEdit

Missiles at the DMZEdit

On the 12th of July, 2104 (or 1402 in Demeter), Quad guards placed along the Quad side of the DMZ watched movement on the Bormeatri side. After contacting the leadership, a spy satellite was ordered to observe the Bormeatri side for a couple of hours.

On the 13th of July, the Quad Space Agency reported to the Quados Forces that missiles were being transported to the Bormeatri side of the DMZ. For the defence of Quados, President Ninja declared Quados was entering a state of war with Bormeatri.

Attack on BormeatriEdit

On the 18th of July, a dozen Whip Spirit bombers with twenty Whip Dart fighter escorts crossed into Bormeatri, two fighters were lost due to anti-aircraft fire. The bombers attacked the two major railroads that connected to the DMZ, and then a major road that connected it as well.

Simultaneously, a smaller force strook a bridge that connected Bormeatri's land on the Northern Islands to the rest of Bormeatri. After both strikes occurred, the forces returned to the border to attack enemy positions and knock out as much defence as possible. Two fighters and a bomber were both lost during these attacks.

The attack was a Quad success, with Bormeatri troops being forced to flee on foot over 50 kilometres, which was then captured by Quados. The Northern Islands were also captured, all enemy troops there were taken prisoner. Quados took an estimated 300 prisoners and killed about 230 troops, while losing five aircraft and about 50 soldiers.


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